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2022 is a shaky year in many aspects. The consensus here is that Scorpio will have to put in extra work this year to get the upper hand as far as astrology is concerned. Though this forecast is focused on your career development, this idea of work could likely spill into some other areas of your life. The eclipses happening in your 1st and 7th house in May and November of this year are here to challenge the very core of your identity. Especially the one later in the year. Considering that, it may be hard to even think about your job or your career, unless, of course, your work is closely tied with your sense of self.

Navigating through these problematic times will require a great degree of finesse. That's not to say that everything is impossible, and there's no success coming your way this year. This really just means your focus should be going elsewhere. Success will be found through child-like experiences or even those with real children. With that in mind, if that's your line of work, some of the stresses of the year could be mitigated considerably. Focus on having a little fun and let loose a little. These are some testing times, and you're always free to distract yourself from time to time.

The time you should be paying the most attention to—aside from the eclipses, of course— is Summer. This is that halfway point between the eclipses, and it could be a constructive time to make some business advances. Especially as we get closer to the New Moon on July 8th, you'll start to feel yourself getting back on track. You can expect the help of visible people, but know that with that visibility, you might have to work a little harder to ensure these opportunities last for the long term. This Lunation is even more significant for those who are 21, 33, 45, and 57. Considering Saturn's opposition to this Lunation, however, you might have to tend to family matters before you get down to business. You may have to do some juggling, but know that things will happen as they must.

With all the bad news out of the way, we do have to address Jupiter's role this year in helping you navigate your career. Jupiter will enter your 6th house in May and will stay there throughout most of the year. In this house and through this period, the Scorpio who is in a subordinate role might get some return for their efforts. The Scorpio born in the morning will benefit from this transit most, and they can even expect a promotion of some sort. On the other hand, this transit is also pretty decent for business owners. Don't be afraid to delegate work to a third party. This Jupiter transit can help you find people who are willing to do the work you might not have the mind or the heart to tend to at the moment.

2022 and Scorpio might have a weird relationship, but know this is the last year of all these messy and dramatic situations. Good luck, Scorpio.

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