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♏ Scorpio Money Horoscope 2022

2022 is good news when money is concerned in the lives of Scorpios. Last year you had a long transit and series of eclipses happening in your 2nd house of livelihood and resources that might've made things quite complicated. Maybe you had to drop a massive load of money on something unexpected or bills piled up, making things quite tense. Now, this year, it all changes with the South Node nowhere near your 2nd house. As far as money goes, this is an upwards slope.

Of course, one thing must be said. All of the financial terrors of 2021 won't disappear just because the South Node isn't there anymore. A lot of damage control needs to take place here. This year is a step in that direction. While the opportunities may still be in the process of presenting themselves to you, navigating this phase of your life will be much easier if you know where to look.

You have Jupiter transiting through your 5th house in the 1st quarter of the year. Venus will also join in later, which is quite a good sign. In ancient times, the 5th house was the place of good fortune. These two benefics are here to bless you in your creations. Especially if you have any planets in your 2nd house, this can be a step in the right direction. The secret here is to be creative and use your innate skills to come up with something new and interesting that really grabs the essence of who you are. Your identity will be challenged with the South Node now transiting through your 1st house. Yet, this is a huge opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. If you have any ideas, pursue them—especially if they come to you during the spring. Chances are, they will be well received.

Another good opportunity for profit is later in the year with Venus and Mercury's conjunction in your 2nd house. Scorpio's born at night benefit more from this transit, but either way, this will bring clarity on where to put your money. You could end up meeting a woman who teaches you how to better work with your finances around November. Be open to her suggestions. This is the support that you've needed to get back up on your feet, so don't let your ego get in the way.

With all of that in mind, 2022 is a year to go slow and recuperate from the blows of 2021. With patience and an open mind, things will slowly find their way back to the centre. With that in mind, this year should be focused on saving rather than spending. Try to keep a receptive flow instead of giving without much thought. If you ever feel discouraged, know that things are soon going to pick up speed considerably. Time of scarcity is a part of the cycle of life, and they teach us how to appreciate the good things. Now that you have gone through your dry period use that wisdom to be more prepared next time it comes around. At the end of the day, all of these events are happening for the best of our evolution.

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