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Ever since Saturn entered your 6th house in early 2021, things might've gotten slightly complicated when your health is concerned. While, of course, this transit hasn't been as difficult for every single Virgo, having the Great Malefic transiting through this place can be the source of some major lethargy, or alternatively, ailments that significantly hinder your ability to do your work in a fast and efficient manner. The bad news is that Saturn will continue to be transiting through that house until early 2023. However, that doesn't mean you have to spend the whole year without making any progress.

This Saturn transit likely proved to be quite the pain in the butt. Especially when you were born at night and are around 28-30 years of age, Saturn's ability to slow you down might be no joke. Whenever someone comes to an astrological consultation with a rough Saturn transit like this, I always recommend some Saturn remediation. This is a technique used in astrology for as long as the art existed, but somehow, the practice's prevalence has dwindled a bit in modern days. Still, remediation basically consists of doing something for the planetary energy—or God if you prefer—on the day of the week dedicated to it. In Saturn's case, this is, of course, Saturday.

The best remediation for Saturn is usually fasting from sunrise to sunset. If you're up for it, you can always try to see if you feel better. However, if you're already experiencing lethargy, not eating can make it worse. A better option would be to meditate using Saturnian stones. The good thing about those is that, for the most part, any black stone is associated with this planet by default, so finding one won't necessarily be the biggest challenge. The tricky part is the actual practice. One that has seen some positive results is meditating at sunrise every Saturday with your black stone of choice. Bonus points if you recite a mantra dedicated to Saturn. An example of that would be: "The structures of my body are strong and resilient, like those of Saturn, time itself." Though, if you want to craft your own, that's even better.

Hyper spiritual and alternative witchery aside, 2022 is in some ways a considerably better year for recovering from your Saturnian ghost. Once Jupiter enters your 8th house, the Great Benefic will be forming a sextile with Saturn in your 6th place. This supportive transit can make itself manifest through encountering people who can help you in your journey towards recovery. Whether it's a new knowledgeable and fiery friend or a doctor, the results from this transit lasting all the way till 2023 will surely be positive.

With that in mind, as much as 2022 might still be a slow progression for Virgo's physical wellbeing, you do have some tools at your disposal to make things better for yourself. Try the remediation technique followed by a physician and see if you see any positive results. Keep a journal of your practice and compare week by week to see your improvement. There's only one more year of Saturn and one that will be considerably easier. Good luck, Virgo.

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