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For the past year or so, Virgos' career enterprises of all walks of life have been hectic. With the Nodal transit of 2021 happening through your 10th house, entering this new year, you might be feeling tired and maybe even dissatisfied. This is a transit that can often push us to work as hard as possible for little reward. Still, knowing now that in 2022 these lunar regents will be out of the way, you'll have at least some room for rest and restructuring. Try not to let perfectionism get in the way of you having an enjoyable journey.

Like mentioned before, now that the Nodes are done, you might feel like you've entered completely new territory. While there's still a chance for some changes and minor disruptions in the workforce—perhaps even some last-minute business trips— for the most part, going slow will win the race. The Saturn trine to your 10th will be supporting your career, generating stability and consistency when labour is concerned. Those of you who were born at night might have more of a hard time with this Saturn transit (especially if you're around 28-31). You could expect to feel a little restrained by your work commitments, especially to your superiors. Know there are rewards at the end of the line.

March is perhaps the busiest month in that sphere. The Venus conjunction can help soften work relations a little. However, given that Mars will also be transiting through the same sign, there could be a push towards extremities. People pleasing, gossiping, and even plotting can come out of such transits. There's no need to expect the worst, but still, it might be wise to stay attentive. Peacemaking will surely be an excellent skill to put to work around this time. The 6th house is the place where Mars rejoices, and we all know how the literal God of War can be a bit of a hothead.

Through the doom and gloom, though, there's always room for tables to turn. Later in the year, the same Venus that might've brought some complications to the workforce will bless you through a cazimi happening in your 2nd house. Get ready to make business deals, sign contracts, or at the very least, make significant business alliances. Later October will be the time to gather new assets. However, one thing you should watch out for is if these assets are coming from foreign places. At around the same time, Mars and Uranus will be going conjunct in your 9th place of foreign culture, places, and people. This transit can be highly unpredictable, and while it may not affect financial matters, it might still affect your employees or coworkers.

With all of that in mind, 2022 is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Virgo's career. While the general motion is upwards, you can expect the time to rest, take care of your body and soul, and plan to revamp your brand or work life in the coming years. Your time to get the glory and recognition you deserve might still be a couple of years away, but right now is the time to get the tools sharpened before you get there. Good luck, Virgo.

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