Virgo Horoscope 2022

Virgo Horoscope 2022

Overview of 2022 Astrological events that are vital for the fate of the Zodiac sign Virgo during the course of the Black Water Tiger Year.

In 2021 all the Mutable signs got the better end of the stick. With all this action happening in the Fixed signs, a Virgo like you has likely had to mainly deal with other people's problems, but not so much your own. This year this trend continues with a minor alteration: romance. With Jupiter ingressing into your 7th house, relationships will go a lot smoother than last year. Especially for those of you who were born during the day, Jupiter is your most benefic planet, and as you'll see through the course of this report, 2022 is very much the year of Jupiter.

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Things going Backward at the Early Start of 2022

Even though establishing relationships may come more comfortable to you this year, there's still a Venus retrograde in January. With that in mind, be patient if things seem to be going backwards in those areas of your life. The retrograde will also be happening in your 5th house of pleasure, party, and all things right, so January may not be the it month. Still, this is a transit that doesn't even last for all of January, so it's nothing major to worry about. Just tread these waters slowly. Things will really get kicking after it.

One thing to be aware of in regards to relationships, though, is the slow Neptune transit that's still happening in your 7th house. This can make for dreamy situations that almost seem too good to be true. If you're one of those Virgos who are very suspicious of apparent perfection, know that if you ease yourself into the romance, there's a good chance of those suspicions dissolving away. The same goes for those of you who are already in a relationship. If any circumstance arises, it makes you feel like your partner is trying to hide something, instead of being silently skeptical, asking them if everything is okay. You won't regret it. The Jupiter and Neptune combo is good for illusions, and more often than not, they're only in our heads.

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Aware of Health with 2022 Mars and Uranus aspect

March gets a little weird with the first Mars and Uranus aspect of the year. Both planets will be forming a square between your 6th and 9th house, which could put some pressure on your health. It would be wise to pay a visit to the doctors just for a regular check-up. But this could be something as simple as making some adjustments to your daily diet. This same aspect happened last year. So, there's a good chance of it being a simple recap of past events. On the other hand, the 6th house is also the place of labour. If health is not the manifestation of this transit for you, this could also point to a hectic schedule at work that yields low rewards. As frustrating as it may be, it's nothing that you can't overcome.

As we leave Mars and Uranus behind, we invite both benefic planets for a party in your 7th house in April. This month will be the day of a Venus and Jupiter conjunction on Venu's degree of exaltation. Long story short, this is just fancy astrology talk to refer to the possibility of a knight in shining armour (or a princess) popping up into your life. Of course, this also accounts for the happily married, and we all know how occasionally our spouses turn into frogs. This transit is here to revert that spell. Be ready for some real movie moments shrouded in romanticism. This is also a very fertile planetary configuration, which could be auspicious to those trying to get pregnant, but if you're not those, Virgo, you already know what to do.

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Jupiter ingresses into Virgo 8th House of Transformation

However, Jupiter won't stay in your 7th house for the whole year. In May, the Greater Benefic will switch signs as it ingresses into Aries and, therefore, your 8th house. This is the place of getting bills paid, loans, and even suggesting the earning of money you didn't have to work for. Overall, Jupiter will continue to give you his good fortune all the way until early 2023. If you have Venus in your 2nd house, though, do be wary of overspending. The excitement that Jupiter can bring can easily be lost if you have a tendency towards splurging.

As we enter the Summertime, the most prominent transit of the year takes place. Triple conjunction between Mars, Uranus, and the North Node will be happening in Taurus, which can cause quite the ordeal. This is an earth-shaking transit that can change the structures of the whole world. Since Taurus is Virgo's 9th house, this can suggest a big move or a long-term trip. Though, the most all-encompassing theme that you find with the 9th house is the idea of faith and belief. These events could come to shake your view of the world, and you may even start looking into different religious practices as a source of comfort. August will be life-changing.

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Spooky transits are gone near the end of 2022

Moving on, in October, we have the last Saturn and Uranus square. This is the transit responsible for many of 2021's unexpected moments. Since this is the last one of a few decades, here we'll bring some closure to anything that was swept under the rug in the preceding year. When Uranus is involved, resistance is futile. Embrace the change and go into the next year with an open mind and a clean slate. This will tough on some 6th house matters, which involve health, so it would be wise to keep your health checked throughout the year to minimize any unforeseen circumstances this transit could bring. Though, like aforementioned, this is also the house of labour, which could also indicate some trouble with subordinates, or if you work under someone, your boss.

After such a tragic fall, the year comes to a close in a relatively menial manner. All the spooky transits are gone, and all that's left is a Jupiter retrograde that sends the most giant planet of our solar system back into your 7th house. This could mean you'll spend the end of the year revising the honeymoon phase of the first quarter, which is a rather pleasant reward for overcoming those last two challenging transits. This summarizes 2022 perfectly: A Virgo tale of romance and drama.

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