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♍ Virgo Money Horoscope 2022

Virgo has some good moments coming up in 2022 when it comes to gain and profit. Since your 2nd house of finances and livelihood is a cardinal sign, it might've had a handful of less than graceful moments in the past few years. While this year may not yet be the one you acquire a definite sense of financial independence, it still a step in the right direction. The theme of the year is working with other people. You may even be dealing with loans or grants to make things happen for yourself. But, for the most part, there's still a good sense of work and knowing how to make a good bargain. 2022 is a year that—if you stay on your toes—you can get some good deals that bring you closer to your material ideals.

The focus on gain definitely starts later in the year in May, when Jupiter enters your 8th house. This is the place of other people's resources. So, while Jupiter's blessings may not necessarily be directly impacting you, it could be doing so to important relationships in your life that can help you out a little. This is especially true for married and born during the day (Bonus points if you're 20, 32, 44, or 56). Of course, knowing this, don't plan to take advantage of your partners, but you can expect come comfort that way. If you are not married, this still holds true. However, you may just have to work through a different kind of third party to get to your goods.

Another transit that might be beneficial to some of you is the Venus transit through your 10th house. This is more beneficial for the Virgo born at night, but you could still see some results out of it either way. You can expect some assistance from female figures in your life. Be more attentive to their advice, and you might uncover some essential hints on how to advance financially.

The highlight of the year is definitely towards the end as we enter fall. The Venus Cazimi in your 2nd house is about as favourable as you can get this year. This transit happens officially around October 18. This would be a good time for signing contracts, making business offers, and all of that good stuff. There's a strong sense of reaching home with this transit. You might find that you get that one chance you've been waiting for for a while. Though, don't be fooled by the moment and still be strategic about your dealings.

With all of that out of the way, 2022 is a promising year for Virgo. There's, of course, a spectrum of success rates depending on your own chart's considerations, but for the most part, things are looking up. Still, it can't be stressed enough how important it will be to stay alert and make intelligent choices. Every good opportunity comes with a tinge of mercurial influence. With that considered, negotiation is the key to your success in 2022. Good luck, Virgo!

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