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Out of all the signs, Pisces has it best this year, 2022. This is the year for you to reinvent yourself, get closer to your spiritual self, and move on to the next phase of your life. With all this happening in one year, is there any time for romance? This is a question that only you can answer this year since you're getting all the support from the heavens to do what you want to be doing.

The highlight of the year is the Jupiter transit through your 1st house. He's responsible for all the good luck coming your way, helping soothe any possible trials that might arise—especially earlier in the month during the Venus retrograde. The retrograde is happening in your 11th house of friends and alliances, which may not affect your relationship directly, but hopefully, your lover is also a friend. For those of you who are single, this can also make meeting new people a little complicated. The key here is to focus on the good things, which will likely end up happening for the first quarter of the year. This is even more true if you have Mercury in your 11th house. Take that time to figure out what you want to do. If you're coupled, what are your needs in the relationship, and if single, what do you need in a partner?

With transits through the 1st house, it's elementary to get introspective. Still, since this is the start of quite a powerful cycle, you need to take romance matters into your hands. If you want the relationship to be long-term, you want to make sure you're investing in something that supports your development in the future.

Later in Spring, Venus will also be joining Jupiter in your 1st house, making romantic matters even more focal. Especially for those of you who have Venus in the 7th house, this could be a breaking point. Those of you already in a relationship will likely have to face some realities about where things are going. And while that might sound negative, it will really be a time to address both your needs and your partner's needs. With Mercury ingressing into your 4th house at around that time, the big questions will need to happen. What are we? Should we get married? Should we move in together? Are all topics that may come up in the spring.

For the single Pisces, things may not necessarily be pointing towards you meeting someone new unless you're willing to go on a bit of a hunt for it. With Venus as the ruler of your 3rd house, any small spring escapades could lead to some spring crushes flourishing. Unless you take control of your situation, Venus is more concerned with helping you be a better person and gain clarity on what it is that you want in somebody, rather than making something show up just for the sake of it.

Another transit that's worth noting is the Venus cazimi of October happening in your 8th house. This can be a good time for married couples. Your partner may be getting a raise at work or some additional cash flow at the moment that can substantially improve the conditions of the relationship. Times of prosperity are always good at bringing people together, but make sure not to lean too hard on it. This is a time for collaboration. You have all the tools to shine this year, so don't let your partner be the only singing victory.

On the other hand, this transit can be somewhat promising for those looking to meet somebody. If you have Mercury in the 8th house, you could end up meeting somebody through a collaborative project. The romantic implications are not explicit, but the chance is still there.

With that in mind, this year is likely to be an upward-trending one. Things may start slow, but they are sure to pick up as the year progresses. When it comes to romance, the coupled Pisces definitely get the upper hand. If you're single, don't be discouraged though, 2022 is the year of you, and you should be taking full advantage of it and create your own joy. Learn to be happy despite your Facebook relationship status.

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