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♓ Pisces Money Horoscope 2022

Pisces has definitely got it going for itself in 2022. Financially speaking, it's about to be one of the best in a while. This is especially true for those born in the morning and who are 25,37, and 49.

While the blessings are kind of an all-year-long thing for you, financially speaking, things only really start to pick up pace around mid-May. This is mostly attributed to the Jupiter transit happening in your 2nd house of finances and resources. The Great Benefic will be slowly transiting through that place for most of the year, so definitely prepare yourself to save some of that positive flow of resources. You might even consider investing a portion of it since Jupiter in your 2nd house can make capital prone to expanding.

However, moving along might get a little complicated as we approach June, and Mars also enters your 2nd house. The Pisces born at night will mainly see a positive influence coming from this transit. You could meet a solid male figure who teaches you the ropes of how to conquer the marketplace. Though, those born before sunset might get the more difficult end of Mars that deals with overexcitement. Watch out not to spend too much just because you got it going for yourself during the Summer. As exciting as it may be, these transits have an expiry date, and if you're not too smart with how you're using them, you could end up losing an opportunity to prepare yourself for the future.

With that said, another important transit to pay attention to is the Venus Cazimi happening in your 8th house. This is the place of other people's resources, debt, and all of that not-so-fun stuff. While the Pisces born during the day may not get that much of a positive influence from this transit, it could still come to help all of you get some bills paid. Venus does good work in any place dealing with other people or other people's stuff. This transit, then, could be pointing towards some solid opportunities when it comes to diplomacy. Times like these are good for getting fines reduced, debt forgiven, and the acquiring of loans. This is also a good transit for all governmental matters due to the influence of the Sun. The Sun can often symbolize people in power, and in Libra, the solar focus is much more on the other, making kingly figures much more prone to charity. Take advantage of it if you get the chance.

2022 is a good year for Pisces. You're about to come out of a long period of bleak realities and challenging experiences. Looking ahead, things are much more positive, and you will definitely see the new influx of good fortune starting this year. Take the chance to enjoy life and bask in your own glory. 2022 is the year of Pisces, so live large as long as you can do that responsibly. And most of all, remember that there's also work that needs to be done. Don't let yourself get too drunk on the joys of life—both literally and figuratively. Good luck, Pisces.

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