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For the past little while, Pisces' career has been somewhat unstable. There's a chance you might've lost a job in 2021, or at the very least, that the past year has left you feeling somewhat empty or overcome. The good news is that this year is the one to recuperate and heal from the possible disasters or mishaps of the year that just passed. This is an excellent opportunity to start from zero and get familiar with why you set out to do what you do in the first place. Pisces thrive in a workplace where they can share their knowledge and feel purposeful. When it comes to your career, the work will be primarily internal. You'll find yourself regaining the courage and confidence after a rough year. Still, as you work on yourself, you might realize that opportunities flow up towards you almost miraculously.

As much as there's a lot of inner work to be done, don't go thinking this won't be good for your livelihood. With Jupiter transiting through your 2nd house, you don't need to be too stressed about it as far as money is concerned. This can come in the way of routinely work that, as much as it doesn't necessarily satiate, your quest for purpose is still well rewarded. Take advantage of the fact that money will be less of a worry and use this time to imagine and create that long-term 5-year plan.

A transit you want to pay attention to is the Mercury retrograde happening around mid-September. This retrograde takes up two houses that often play essential roles in shaping our careers. The first area of the chart that the retrograde will affect is 8th place. This can hurt collaborative projects, especially those of freelancers and bankers. It would be wise to avoid significant business dealings around that time. The Pisces who are 19, 31, 43, and 55 should pay extra attention to this transit.

Especially when we consider that the retrograde sends Mercury back into your 7th house, forming a superior square to the place of your career. This transit can be harmful to business partnerships. Misunderstandings, and especially issues with the goal and standard-setting may arise around this time. Venus will also be in the same house which can mitigate some of the harshnesses of this transit. Yet, this is a sign where Venus becomes too picky for her own good. Be willing to compromise. The confusion and chaos might not be all that worth it.

Hopefully, you can already feel it in the air, but 2022 is a massive step in the right direction. From now you'll be doing some healing so you can get acquainted with how it feels to be genuinely confident and unconditionally self-loving. Try not to focus on getting recognition at work this year. 2022 is a time for Pisces to get all their true ideals recognized. Get ready for a journey of self-discovery. One that could even send you on an entirely new career path. When you have a concrete vision of what you want, it will come to you much faster.

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