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When it comes down to romantic matters, Taurus is one of the signs who knows best how to love. Still, without sugar-coating it, 2022 may be a year where love is a little scarce, with the South Node transiting through your 7th house for most of the year. While there's no need to fret since this could manifest a vast range of events, it's best to be ready for at least some degree of discomfort in that area.

The South Node is one of the two points in the Moon's orbit where eclipses happen. If you've ever seen a Solar eclipse before, it's pretty spooky how, for a few hours, the light of the Sun is completely obfuscated by the Moon. This will be a theme for the year as far as love goes. Things going missing, the occasional ghosting for those of you active in the dating scene, and those in a relationship could even experience some failed promises.

I know it can be scary to read this if you're in a committed relationship, but don't be quick to assume the worst-case scenario. You can see this transit as a test to your relationship. The South Node's primary role is dealing with attachment issues, and having its transit through your 7th house could be calling out some problems with co-dependence. This doesn't mean a breakup is about to happen, but it will indeed cultivate the need for space to allow room for the relationship's dynamic to evolve. Since Taurus rising has a Scorpio 7th house, this could deal with sensuality issues and the darker aspects of relationships that we all prefer to avoid from time to time. The theme of this series of eclipses happening in your 7th house is learning how to get excited about the relationship without spending every day together or doing everything together.

Like mentioned before, though, the Taurus who is active in the dating scene may have a tough time with ghosting and barren efforts. 2022 may be a year to focus on yourself more rather than go on the look for a relationship. Chances are, you naturally will feel less inclined to be in a committed relationship, anyways. The North Node in your 1st house will hyperactivate the need to have some me time and be the centre of attention, so don't be afraid to have some fun and not take romance too seriously. Still, be wary of recklessness; with the North Node, it's always a possibility.

Another transit that's important to mention is the triple conjunction happening in August in your 1st house. While this is a more personal transit since it's happening in the house of self, things that happen to us always have a way to affect our relationships. This is even more true if you have any planets in the 7th house. Especially if it's Mars.

Watch out for issues with aggression. You'll be prone to experience some moments of hot-headedness at around this time. If you are in a relationship already, be patient with your partner, as other issues may make it seem like their mistakes are much more annoying than they are regularly. Even if you are in the right, there's a chance of leaning towards overreaction. Make sure you're not taking anything out on them. Taking the time to do some physical activity at this time could help you burn some of the steam. It's even more beneficial if you're doing it with your partner. It's a nice incentive for closeness while channelling the aggression towards a more constructive outlet.

The single Taurus will have to pay attention to your expectations of others at the time of this transit. Especially when it comes to short-term relationships or the fresh, just getting to know each other moments, be careful not to expect the world from someone you barely know. Even if the chances for romance are scarce in 2022, if you resort to aggression, you could end up scaring the few candidates away.

While it may seem like Taurus got the wrong end of the stick this year, be patient. Life is made out of cycles, and if things get a little rough, remember that nothing is constant. Be patient, and good luck.

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