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♉ Taurus Money Horoscope 2022

For the last year or so, with the North Node transiting Taurus' 2nd house, things might've gotten hectic when it comes to your finances. You might've embodied this go-getter spirit constantly striving to gain profit. While this might've been productive at first, it might've drained you by the end of the transit later in 2021. Now, 2022 is the year to get back to a healthy and sustainable drive to make money. This time around is all about getting back to neutrality.

The key to achieving that is all hidden within the luckiest area of your chart this year: your 11th house. This is the place of alliances, friends, hopes, and aspirations. 2022 may be the year for Taurus to learn how to rely on other people a little more when finances are concerned. 2022 may be a year that will need you to be slightly opportunistic—given you're not taking advantage of anyone. If you have any friends in high places, make an effort to check what they're doing and see if you can offer them your services. That might be a way to succeed along with them.

A time you should really be paying attention to your finances, however, is in May. There will be a Mercury retrograde happening in Gemini, which is Taurus' 2nd house. This might make business advancements, contracts, and negotiations a lot more difficult for you. If you are a writer, singer, or public speaker of some sort, this may be a time of general struggle to get things advancing. Be patient and take the time to adjust and see what you may be doing wrong. If there are any losses around the retrograde, they may be due to miscalculation. With that in mind, be extra careful when crunching numbers. Triple check all your work.

With all of the warnings out of the way, things may start to look a lot brighter as we approach winter in October. The Venus Cazimi in your 6th house may push towards working with other people even more. You may be in a subordinate position. If you don't let your ego get in the way, this can be highly profitable. The Taurus' born during the night, or those who have Mercury in the 2nd house, have even a better chance to turn things around at this time. Just focus on work and getting things done, and the profit will be there. It may be hard-earned, and you'll likely need to work with demanding women to get the job done, but lay low and do what you're told. They know what they're doing.

2022 might not be the year for get-rich-quick schemes. It involves a lot of hard work and number crunching, but with the money and resource-hungry attitude of the past few years, this needs to happen. All of this is happening to strike a balance and teach you valuable lessons about resources, how to spend, and how to earn. Be open-minded, and don't let yourself be discouraged too easily. The Universe may be stern at times, but it knows when lessons need to be learned.

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