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Career has been the focal point of Taurus's life ever since the beginning of 2021 when Saturn first entered Aquarius. With that said, as much as this has been a focal point, considering the looming presence of the slow and frigid ringed planet, progressing and gaining serious recognition might've been hard to come by. The bad news is that Saturn will still be transiting through your 10th house until early 2023. However, if you're willing to work through these times of scarcity with Saturnian diligence, once this pesky planet moves on, the tough skin and raw talent developed through navigating unstable ground will definitely show. With that said, 2022 will need Taurus' to buckle up and get busy.

As gloomy as that first introduction might've seemed, there are still some promising developments happening this year. Your 11th house of friends and alliances will have Jupiter in a pretty good position. You may find that as much as progression is slow, you're still making good connections. They may only prove to be important for your career in the future. Still, from January to May, networking will feel effortless.

Considering all that, it will be crucial for you to work on maximizing these good connections for the time being. 2022, similar to 2021, still has some somewhat shaky transits happening for Taurus and all other fixed signs. After May, things may slow a tad in the networking. Jupiter goes on to transit your 12th house, and it will stay there for most of the year until it goes retrograde around November. When the retrograde happens, you might find yourself revisiting these new connections made earlier in the year. Still, until then, from June to November, you might actually want to retreat and work on something by yourself.

The external world might feel chaotic, but your jackpot is in the times you get to spend by yourself and reflect on your craft. It might sound farfetched to hear the advice to take almost a whole year just to ponder on where you want to go with your career—given the production-focused society we live in. However, taking the time to get a clear picture of what you want to manifest into your life is one of the most important steps towards achieving real success. If your vision of the future is murky, it might be hard to decide where to go and what to focus on. That said, be gentle and remember that it's okay to go on a hermit mode for a little while. Catch up with yourself.

2022 is a year for Taurus to take it easy. Don't feel too much pressure to get everything done right now. At times in life, we just have to lay it low and be simple for a while. As cheesy as it may be, it's essential to find happiness and fulfillment in the tiny things in life. This, of course, doesn't mean that you won't achieve anything this year. But perhaps, it's a sign that fame and status shouldn't be the focus of 2022.

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