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When inquiring about the health of Taurus natives, a point of interest is always the throat and ear area. To be more specific, this is a sign that is known to frequently have issues involving either their throat or even the vocal cords. For that reason, taking extra care of these areas is always recommended.

Still, when it comes to 2023 specifically, it seems like Taurus has very little to worry about. This is mainly because Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, abundance and all the other good things in life, will be transiting through your 1st house of self, body and soul.

The transit of Jupiter through this house almost works as a protective blanket that makes pre-existing health issues milder and prevents any possible incoming problems from being aggravating or even happening in the first place. That's not to say that you're okay to be reckless and stop taking care of your health, but this year starting from the 16th of May, you're likely to have a bit more leeway when it comes to unhealthy behaviour.

Now, Jupiter transiting through the 1st house is not necessarily perfect. Even if this planet is considered a benefic, he's not exempt from bringing certain complications. Especially if you are a Taurus born during the day, one of the things Jupiter in the 1st house is notorious for doing is stimulating your appetite. The chances of this happening in Taurus are even more remarkable, considering that this is the sign that rules both the throat and mouth.

With that in mind, paying attention to your eating habits will be crucial this year to make sure you're not overdoing it. The keyword for both the benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) is "pleasure." And sometimes, pleasurable things can be more harmful than we expect them to be. Since traditionally Jupiter is the planet that rules sweets, you may want to either cut down on candy and chocolate consumption or avoid it altogether through the course of this transit.

Speaking of benefics causing problems, Venus, the ruler of your sign, is also responsible for your health. I mention this because we have a Venus retrograde falling in your 4th house this year from the 23rd of July to the 3rd of September. This transit is vital if you are 29, 41, 53 and 64 since those years generally have a focus on health matters.

Because this Venus retrograde falls in Taurus' 4th house, the theme will be focused on heart-related matters. If you don't want to quit the sweets throughout for the whole Jupiter in Taurus transit, it might be wise to at the very least reduce it during the Venus retrograde. Venus is also notoriously sweet-loving, with an even greater desire towards fatty desserts and other sumptuous meals. Since the over-consumption of these types of foods can make us more likely to experience an increase in blood pressure, avoiding them during retrograde might not be a bad idea. Still, the best way to tackle this is to pay a visit to your doctor or nutritionist so they can give you specific advice catered to your body. If you were born during the day and are any of the ages listed above, a visit to the doctor's office is highly encouraged.

In order to avoid ending on a negative note and to not understate the overall positivity of the year, despite the susceptibility toward eating-related issues, there's very little to worry about. Jupiter is still here to provide help more than anything. But even in scenarios such as these, when things look extremely encouraging, it's essential to pay attention to the possible shortcomings. One thing that's always important to take into account when looking at your horoscope is that every good thing comes with some difficulties, and every bad thing has a reward at the end. So don't worry too much about it, Taurus. Just take care of yourself, and you'll be just fine. Good luck!

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