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Don't take this the wrong way, but Taurus is almost always a materially minded sign. Whether it's about physical pleasure or simply amassing large quantities of money, out of the entirety of the zodiac menagerie, this Venusian sign takes the prize as the most materially prosperous. One of the main reasons that might be the case is that Mercury, the planet of commerce and trade, is responsible for your 2nd house of finances.

However, for a sign that often excels at managing their resources, 2022 ended on a rather challenging note for Taurians across the globe. The year ended with the double Mars and Mercury retrograde, targetting both your house of finances and that of higher education and travel. This likely manifested as significant schooling expenses or a costly journey especially for those of you who were 20, 32, 44 and 56 last year.

The good news is that 2023 is a much better year for getting back up. While it may take a little while to get back up on your feet, especially if you were born during the day since Mars tends to be more troublesome for such nativities, once March comes around, you can expect things to be looking up a bit more.

April is also an especially auspicious month for finances considering that Venus will transit through that house and Mars will have moved on to the next place. As the ruler of Taurus, Venus also has a solid relationship to material resources, meaning that from the 11th of April to the 7th of May, you can expect greater ease when it comes to financial gains. Because Venus is also the archetype related to feminine figures, it's also very likely that help will come from the aid of these types of people. With that said, Saturn will also be on an overcoming square to Venus on the 14th of April. Saturn represents your career and higher education on a Taurus chart, occasionally also symbolizing business trips. With that in mind, around the day of the transit, you can expect coworkers or your business to require extra expenses. Given that this happens pretty early on Venus' journey through your 2nd house and that you'd also be getting some assistance from Jupiter (who represents friends and loans on a Taurus chart), the benefits of these times are likely to exceed the challenges.

Another transit you want to pay attention to is the Mercury retrograde happening in your 5th house this year. This one happens on the 23rd of August.

Usually, transit to the 5th house leans more towards the constructive side, even if they're more on the challenging side of things. This one is even better considering that Mercury is exalted while it stays in Taurus' 5th house. This can mean for your finances, then, that some of your personal projects might require you to drop some money before you can see any profit from it. Considering the retrograde nature of this transit, this is likely an old project that's been on the backburner that will only see the light of day if you're willing to make some sacrifices. This will be a time to make use of Mercury's natural intellect to make wise financial decisions. Even if you may need to drop money out of your pocket, your efforts to diminish these expenses will be well rewarded.

On the other hand, if you're either pregnant or have kids, this transit can come to mean something a little different. The 5th house is also related to children. So instead of a project needing financial support, it might be your child that requires you to drop some money down. If that's the case, they might likely come up with promising ideas that they can't accomplish independently. They may not necessarily need money from you, though. The keyword here is "resources."

2023 is a good year. Taurus, as a rather resourceful sign, has nothing to worry about. Even if there are some minor setbacks here and there, you do have all the assistance you need to thrive. Good luck, Taurus.

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