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Any pressing matter with Astrological approach on what is really going on how we get there. Weekly articles from various astrologers.
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Angelina Jolie’s horoscope Angelina Jolie’s has, since childhood, lived her life in the public sphere. Daughter of Hollywood stalwart Jon Voight, niece of song writer Chip Taylor, who penned ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘Angel of the Morning’ and the daughter of actress Marcheline Bertrand, Jolie’s wild ride of a life is the perfect way to understand the power of astrology and how it frames our lives.
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Kardashian robbery was inside job The showbiz super couple, the Libran Kim Kardashian and the Gemini Kanye West have had a dreadful past few months. Kim Kardashian was tied up and put into a bathtub during a robbery at a Paris hotel in October during which the bad guys got away with $10 million dollars of her jewelry and on November 20th, Kanye West had a breakdown on stage and had to be checked into a hospital.

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USA - Russia 2017 The people have spoken and the powers that be are not happy. The New York Times, CNN, the EU and the Clintons told us globalism was great, that we would be one big happy, latte drinking, iPhone obsessed world. Remember Tom Friedman’s famous line about no two countries with McDonald’s franchises ever going to war?
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Russian Chart, 2017 challenges & possibilities The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) in astrology are the most active since they initiate each new season. The Russian Federation is a Capricorn state, born on December 25, 1991, three days into winter.
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Putin horoscope Vladimir Putin has become the premier Russian brand, inspiring ecstatic patriotism in most Russians and fear and respect from abroad, but his personality remains an enigma. Who is this man and why is his personality so slippery?
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USA Elections 2016 A new twist on the old joke, “You are in an elevator carrying a gun with only one bullet and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump suddenly slide in as the doors close. Who do shoot? Yourself of course.”
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Who is Mrs. Clinton? As the autumn settles in and the leaves begin to fall, we feel something akin to death. This is the sign of Scorpio, and when someone says they are a Scorpio, it takes us aback because they embody the mystery, power and depth of death. Hillary Clinton is an extreme Scorpio.
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