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2014 December Horoscope

Free December 2014 monthly Horoscope

Monthly December 2014 Horoscope
Monthly December 2014 Horoscope

December 2014, the last month of the leaving period and the first month of the winter, will be a time of remembering for most of the zodiac Houses, and no matter how banal it sounds - a time of summing up results. However, not everything will be so simple in this aspect. On one side, results can be summed up by those who have already finished something. You also need confidence that the relevant events have concluded. This is where many people will struggle, since a lack of confidence may become the leading trait of December. On the other hand, the human kind will have enough allies in the skies. First, you should note the special position of the Sun. The ruler of the celestial fields may significantly strengthen any positive influence of the closest celestial bodies. Also, the solar energy in itself will be strong enough to provide much-needed help to those in need. Venus will smile to humanity as well. The grand priestess of creation will not be against entering into the private lives of each one of us, with just one goal in mind - to help us in resolving conflicts that may truly turn dangerous. The third most active planet in terms of positive influence is Pluto. This lonely planet seldom becomes a part of some significant celestial combination. However, in December 2014 it is evident that Pluto will be on our side and everyone will feel this hidden, but confident help in need.

In regards to the "celestial leaders", then the first winter month will see only one trigon left without an additional ally. This is the Fire trigon. Undoubtedly, you should not interpret this as any sign of doom whatsoever. While the presence of a "celestial leader" is of course a plus, it does not always define key decisions and events. One way or another, but the trigons of Air and Earth will receive the same planet as their celestial leader of December 2014 - Mars. As a result, the ravaging warrior will have to spread his influence among the Houses of these two elements. This does not at all mean that someone will receive less energy than they would have otherwise. This means that during the current moment the signs that are one of the duo elements may have similar fates. This means that a united decision to common problems is possible. In addition, Mars himself will provide his controlled Houses with active creative energy, the ideal use of which is not only helping yourself, but others as well. The trigon of Water will receive the Black Moon as its "celestial leader", the dark and mysterious twin of the apparent white Moon. It is hard to say what will happen to the enemies of the Water signs, if the Black Moon decides to protect its protege. It is evident that nothing good will happen to them. There is no confidence that this ever changing astral object will actually get involved.

Speaking of the celestial bodies of the Solar System, which in December 2014 will be quite negative towards all of the zodiac Houses, we should objectively mention only two planets. These are Uranus and Mercury. The united power of these planets will be so great, that even the Sun will not be able to block their influence. This means that people should protect themselves and pay special attention to their horoscopes. This will allow them to alleviate a lion's share of problems that the tandem of Uranus-Mercury will befall upon all of the Earth's denizens. Attentiveness and perseverance are the qualities that must be defining for you throughout the upcoming period.

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