2015 Libra Good & Bad Days Horoscope

2015 good day horoscope for libra
Youíll have quite the exhausting year in 2015, Libra! Preparedness and patience are the keys to get through the rough times, and believe me, youíll need to practice both quite a few times in 2015. While these all may seem like bad days, they have potential to be good days and teach you something that you can take with you through your most difficult times. Be sure to pay attention to what the signs are telling you! We have your ruler planet, Venus, going retrograde from July 25 to September 6. Retrogrades are never a fun time for anyone, but when it happens to your ruling planet, it completely throws you off. Donít plan to get much done during this time, as anything and everything can get in your way of completing a task and as a result, you become very unproductive. Weíll see a lunar eclipse on April 4, and itíll affect you more than usual. Youíll feel very emotional and sensitive to everything during this time, and it could be because of the endings that are happening in your life out of nowhere. The choices that you make will also impact you during this time. If youíve been making good choices around the eclipse, then you will get a good output, but, naturally, if you donít make good choices, then youíll have quite a bad time during the eclipse. We have yet another retrograde to worry about towards the end of the year, Mercuryís, from September 17 to October 9, and of course itís in your sign. Youíll have every little thing go wrong during this retrograde, and itíll drive you up the wall because you wonít be able to get anything done. Your work will suffer all over the place, from work, to school, to your family and personal life. Itíll definitely feel like the cosmos are out to get you, but itís only temporary, and youíll feel much more relaxed once Mercury rights himself. Just remember to inhale and exhale, and remind yourself that this isnít forever. We have Uranus opposite your sign in Aries from July 25 to December 25, and everything seems to change right in front of your eyes. But, you cannot ignore these changes, as they all happen to be a huge part of your life. Youíre forced to go with the flow and follow the changes as best you can. And whatís the worst part? Many of these changes are coming from outside sources, not even changes that you made on your own. You do want change during this time, but itís hard when you donít know which direction to go in next. Just remember to keep adapting to change as best as you can and you should make it through this transit fairly untouched. Lastly, we have Pluto visiting Capricorn April 16 to September 24. This is what we call a harsh square to your sign, so it will not be pleasant. Youíre in need of a major overhaul, but youíre not sure how to go about it. You therefore find yourself in an internal war, and you basically lose control of yourself. Be careful to not overanalyze yourself, as this is extremely possible at this time. Keep in mind that this is not all for naught, and it will wind up being good for you. The process to this point is awful, but you can overcome it, you just have to believe that you will and allow yourself to transform into the next awesome part of yourself!

Youíll start off the year in January feeling like you have no time to play, and like youíre working all the time. It may really annoy you, but unfortunately, itís a part of life. There are appropriate times for work and play, and right now, itís time to work. Get through this and youíll feel like your life is back in balance again, and youíll be able to have a better time later! This is a month-long feeling, so buckle up.

February is broken down into two different months: the working hard part, and the part thatís all about your loved ones. Once you get all your work priorities out of the way, youíll have more time to fully focus on everyone that means a lot to you. You know that theyíll always be there for you, and around mid-month, youíll be yearning for their affection. But, deep down, you know youíre really just trying to avoid something and you know your loved ones wonít be focused on it. You canít go this route for long, but right now, you can get away with it.

March has you really thinking about commitment, whether it be a person or a project. Thanks to the solar eclipse on the 20th, you want to commit to something, especially something new. While you never mind commitment, this time youíre really in it to win it. The safety and comfort of the idea is what attracts you to this. Once you decide to be committed, youíll be able to move on with life, and youíll be feeling good about your decision.

Youíll be super sensitive in April, Libra, and you can thank the lunar eclipse on the 4th for that. Your intuition will also be stronger than usual, but thanks to the Pluto sign square starting on the 16th, youíll have a hard time paying attention to it. The endings are coming fast and furious for you this month because of the eclipse, and youíll start to see what was good and what was bad, depending on your personal choices up to this point. Itís all up to you this month, and as long as youíve been making good choices, you will benefit this month moving forward.

Donít worry Libra; May might be a rough month for you. Youíll feel like youíre claustrophobic all of a sudden, but there arenít any actual walls closing in on you, itís all in your head. Of course, this wonít help you from constantly thinking that youíre suffocating. Youíll be susceptible to overreacting and making rash decisions right now, so try to keep level-headed and you wonít make a decision that youíll regret. Try not to make changes right now, itís not the right time, and this feeling of suffocation wonít last long anyway. You should only feel it around the beginning of the month.

June shows you that all your frugalness over the past couple years will serve you well for the rest of the year. Youíve been saving for a rainy day, and in the process, trying to live as simply as possible. Youíve learned that material possessions donít make the person, and that a penny saved is a penny earned. Your lessons are coming to an end now, and youíll have to practice what youíve been taught. It shouldnít be hard though, as youíll keep your future in mind and you wonít want to spoil that by spending unnecessarily. Towards the end of the month, youíll be feeling really frugal.

Your ambitions run extremely high in July, and youíll be all about making your dreams happen this month, especially around the beginning and middle of the month. Youíre realistic in general, so you try to keep your dreams within practicality, but with so much good energy coming your way, it will be difficult. Youíll try your best to be realistic, though, and by being able to stay within your means, your goals will be attainable and youíll be able to fulfill them. But, you could be a little obsessed, so to speak, with attaining your dreams, and you wonít see much else going on around you, which can be hazardous, so just be careful of this. Other than that, reach for the stars (in the most attainable way possible, of course)!

August comes, and youíll feel so thrown off that you wonít know what to do with yourself. This is all thanks to Venus, your ruling planet, retrograding starting July 25, and going all through this month. Be sure to double-check everything you do, so that you didnít miss anything important. Take your time with everything this month as well, as this will make you less likely to skip over anything. Once the retrograde ends though, youíll feel better and will be able to function in your normal way.

September wonít fare so well for you, unfortunately Libra. Youíll have two transits that will be working against you: Mercuryís retrograde starting the 17th, and Plutoís sign square lasting all month until the 24th. Plus, youíll have Venusí retrograde until the 6th, so you wonít have much breathing room in between all these events. Youíll feel like the universe is out to get you. Nothing goes your way, and itíll just be difficult in general to be productive and to get through even the smallest of tasks. Patience is the key to surviving this month, and you canít come up with it, youíll have an extremely long September ahead of you.

Seriousness is your main priority in October. You donít have the time, or the patience, to deal with immaturity and anything ďfunĒ. Youíll see Mercuryís retrograde coming to an end on the 9th, so youíll be able to keep practical and focused for the middle and end of the month. Life is extremely important, youíve come to find in 2015, and you want to make sure you take it seriously. Youíre trying to make up for any other times that you may have been more laid back when it comes to your life.

November is the tale of two months for you. In the first half of the month, youíll just plain old want to be left alone and have zero energy to speak of. Then, after this rut, youíll have more energy than you can spend and youíll want to do anything and everything with everyone you can. The end of the month is your best time to get anything important done, as youíll have the energy to tackle it. As for the beginning of the month, if thereís any planning to be done, get it done then, as that doesnít require much energy. If you utilize your time correctly this month, youíll be extremely productive.

Youíre in the holiday spirit in December, Libra, and youíll be ready to indulge in everything this time of year has to offer. This is the perfect time for you to fully relax and just enjoy without any regrets. Youíll also feel more in tune with your physical self, so youíll feel better both mentally and physically. This is a great way for you to end your tumultuous year, and youíll be more than ready for it.

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