2015 Horoscope for Libra Zodiac Sign

2015 Horoscope Libra

Astrology forecast for 2015, the year of the Green Wood Ram. 2015 Horoscope for people born under the Libra Zodiac sign.

Dear Libra, 2015 is simply meant for you! You are lucky! Literally!

You haven't had such a successful year in a while, so one can confidently say that in 2015 many positive changes you've been dreaming of will take place in your life. But...under one condition, that is if you are ready to change, if you are mature and strong enough to face the upcoming changes. Despite duality, the Scales are naturally very strong personalities! Your only weakness is your thoughts and low wishes which can throw a million reasons at you with the sole goal of taking you off the right path. At times what you are scared of or what you want the least is exactly what you need!

In the first half of 2015 Libra should expect the changes in its surrounding. Your close ones will witness you becoming more sociable, involved and interested. During this time your social circle will grow significantly. You will notice that you are interested in absolutely everything and you want to know even more. In the first half of the year you may meet your future close friends. And on the contrary, during the same period of 2015 the likelihood of being betrayed by a close person is quite high. But, despite a negative side of such situation, you shouldn't be worried! This will simply mean that life has taken away unwanted and useless companions from your orbit and better people will take their place. Early 2015 is the time of big changes; it is an active period meant for your growing popularity first and foremost. If, for the first time ever, you, dear Scales, get comfortable with the idea of getting invited to the party, that life is, instead of being an outsider, then time has come for you to get your dividends. You may rightfully expect your income to grow and large amount of money to inflow; you can go ahead and start implementing your own project or your own business - you'll have enough energy and opportunities for it. Besides, you need to realize that in order to become successful you won't have to go out of your way. Perhaps, the main condition of your complete success in 2015 is its natural way as well as spontaneity of good luck. After all, in order to become wiser, you have to study, spend long hours at the libraries reading through piles of books and finally defend your right to the MSc title before the panel of professors. Or, in order to have something to eat, you have to go to a diner/restaurant or simply go to a store, choose groceries to buy and cook something afterwards. One way or another, in our life we always look for things, prepare for them and get them done with the exception of good luck itself. One doesn't have to do anything special to be able to grab it by its tail. And this is the point...On the one hand, you should of course be ready, but one way or another, Good Luck will find you by itself!

Many Scales will go through a move or change of residence in 2015. You may feel drawn to another house or another city. Moreover, your desire to change the scenery will be so strong and the temptation of new places so irresistible that you'll find it hard to stay in one spot. If there are all preconditions in place, don't restrain yourself since all the travels within the country in the course of 2015 will be good for you. Also, in 2015 making larger acquisitions and handling transactions with means of transportation (buying and selling) will prove favorable.

Libra should pay special attention to the relations with its relatives in 2015. You may feel a touch alienated from your close ones; you may also feel as if you are not understood or they don't want to support you. The truth is this will be the case only to some extent. Try to get into the shoes of those you love: don't take things close to heart since they still have a bit of hard time accepting the changes you go through. They need time to believe you are truly making good progress.

You should focus on financial matters in the summer months. Despite good income, your expenses will be growing in the second half of 2015 and this may mean some financial hardship in your working capital. You must limit your spending especially in June-September of 2015 in order to live a debt-free life and have enough funds to realize your projects and reach your goals.

Once the time of active changes is over, Libra may feel tired of the responsibility they assumed earlier in the first half of 2015. Somehow you should manage to spend more time in tranquility and peace; rest more. Be sure to plan some passive leisure for the fall and winter months and you'll be quick to realize how important peace is for restoration of your mind and body.

Additional Information for 2015 Libra Horoscope

Those of you born any time between October 6 and October 12 will be under Uranus and Pluto's combined influence. You are in for quite a difficult year with circumstances making you introduce many changes into your life. Without a doubt, in 2015 all Scales will face changes, but unlike other groups, you may go through some drastic transformations capable of turning your world upside down. Compare it to the Copernican heliocentrism of the 16th century when, in no time, the closed little world of our planet suddenly transformed into the endless vastness of the whole Universe! It should be mentioned that you do need changes; moreover, you can't escape them; however, in 2015 the Scales of your group will be subjected to the situation when too good is no longer good. So, dear Libra, you should be ready for such scenario by realizing that such changes are indeed possible. Despite it all, try to stay optimistic, composed and accepting of the upcoming changes. Then you will be able to avoid losing and emerge victorious from the battle.

The main recommendations of 2015 horoscope for the rest of the Scales will be primarily associated with their secret fears and enemies. Be smarter and more cunning; don't rush your judgment and don't even think of acting if you are not 100% sure of yourself. Remember: it's better to lose a battle, but win a war!

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guety Joseph 2015-10-21 03:28:28
Hi I'm born in October 18 I like to if the year will be better for me.
Udisha 2015-07-17 14:35:47
I'm a libra. I know what I want most. I'm following the advice of my horoscope but I can't achieve it . Why
Kaliyah 2015-06-23 18:39:53
Hi iam Libran born October 1 st and iam preparing to give competitive healthcare exam in month of September what would be the best time in month of sep 2015 , thanks
flor 2015-06-01 20:01:37
Hi I was born on 10/14/87 I want to know about my love life and what is in store
Catherine 2015-05-31 20:47:58
Born 19/10/1960.. 03.40am Relationship broke down. Summer 2013 House went up for sale 2 months ago. Looks like the sale has now fallen through. Work is bad and extremely hard and pay is very low. Been on my own for 2 years.. What's coming ?? I am struggling to keep a happy face !!
Ct 2015-08-27 04:31:15
I was born on oct 19 1980 and my life has been horrible. nothing is working. Everything seems to go wrong.
Fe 2015-05-15 09:46:29
I am a Libran Sheep (10/17/91) This year has been a ride for me! Ended a 4 year (Scorpio, toxic I tell you) relationship, traveled, realized that I am worth so much more than I sought myself to be and rekindled my relationship with family.
Just met someone who is just as outgoing and mature as I am. Cancer Sheep gentleman who is smart, funny, gorgeous and loves the ocean.
If there is any advise on going forward in this relationship feel free to comment. So excited for what is coming up next!
Dana 2015-09-04 15:42:11
Totally agree on the toxic thing. Scorpios are overly emotional and try venting all their agression on Libras. I am glad I finally could detoxify my life. Note to all fellow libras : Always be cautious with a Scorpio. They sting for sure.
bimal 2015-06-04 16:23:38
i m libra 1/10/1986 aand i see every libran had a break up from serious relationship that includes me too which was quite harsh .. all i want to say its a pattern of fate not a co incidence
Tash 2015-05-26 11:51:41
Oh my gosh!! You have my life!! What a ride it has been so far! Im a Libran and have too ended a 3 year toxic abusive relationship with an evil scorpio!!
Good luck!
Michael 2015-08-16 17:32:52
i can say i can fuckin relate. true on that. manipulative scorpio. i was a punching bag.
Tranquilla 2015-05-07 22:38:15
Librans are indeed the beautiful people, a blessed sign. We should all be happy to be a pet of this exclusive group - life goes up and goes down but it all comes and goes. Be true to yourself, believe in yourself and righteousness will see us through to great days ahead.
menung welly 2015-05-07 17:52:33
My date of birth is oct 5 1996
Past 2 yrs were not good to me
N m prepraring for my medical entrances
N m thinking of dropping out 1 yr
Will it be gud if i drop out ?? Any suggestion?
Vivi 2015-04-25 15:08:13
I am 10/22 and for Valentine's day I found out my husband was cheating and lying to me. Now we are divorced. I hope this year become better since April 4 during the eclipse I cried a lot. Many coincidences :-/
Marina 2015-05-19 01:30:20
I am 10/22 birthday. I got into a car accident 2/14 after I saw my recent ex new gf. Last few years were terrible. All good now though starting May things got much better, met somebody very interesting too, and work is better.
hi I'm sulis 2015-04-21 03:57:38
Im born on 9 october 1982 , can u tell me how about my future & carrer ist i can be success get in good life or will meet good a man in Myer nexs future , pls tell me about my libra , thanks u
Believe me 2015-04-06 15:55:45
I wanted to say ,one who accepts himself to be an achiever will progress and improve and grow on
Gen 2015-02-28 20:20:04
I'm October 6 and I most certainly feel changes for the worse. I often feel blue and I find myself sad without a reason. I started sketching again and I'm upset and impatient with my work. My confidence has definitely gone down. My life was never easy, but this year I feel less optimistic.
Sam 2015-06-16 05:03:43
I'm 23rd sept, I feel the same way. Depressed for no reason and just expecting the worst since the past couple years have been a huge struggle....but this year does not see much better. Hoping I can be more optimistic and patient.

usman 2015-02-20 20:01:10
My dob is 18,10,1986 I want to know about my marriage month and is there any chance of prize bond wining for me?
Paulo 2015-02-06 04:43:34
I was born 4:10 pm on 18th 1967. What is my career and financial prospects... specially lottery winnings, if any 🙂
sanjana 2015-01-16 00:44:47
i am oct 17 born i wont to win lottery is this possible in this year LOL.....
jake 2015-01-26 15:05:58
yeah you will win the lottery on the exact date of your brithday! congrats!haha!
Salom 2015-01-15 19:50:54
I wish there was some clarification about what is meant by "...the scales of your group will be subjected to the situation when too good is no longer good." I'm in the group, so I'm trying to understand.
Brion 2015-02-19 06:46:46
I agree! I am in this group and life has been quite hard for a long time. I thought this was my year!
Mukut 2015-01-12 16:13:29
God bless each one of you. I'm a palmist my self, but believe in God the Almighty. Plz don't go by prediction, since my experience prove, you may be surprise! Strong will & positive thoughts is the key to successful life.Career, love, family etc all will go fine.
Just believe in yourself, you are, yes you can cope with life. Good year & successful life to you all. God bless you all. Remember life mean up & down.

Thank you all, with love & best wishess.
charlyn salavedra 2015-01-11 21:25:24
Born on september 30 (libra)
Aqsa 2015-01-11 12:20:33
True, On 8Th Jan My Lover Left Me, Its A Big Change. I'm Not Able To Face This Period, I'm Totally Hopeless
Rathe 2015-01-26 23:14:10
Exactly the same. But I'm now realising that it probably needed to happen and might even be best for me. Time seems to be letting me move on for the better, but yes, it was painful and difficult and I felt hopeless as well. Hope you get through and feel better off.
mark 2015-01-08 14:12:19
Hi I'm mark I was born on oct. 15,1992 what lucks do I get on this year?,my last year was so soft with me,I can't find my happyness all I want is to go home with my mom in other galaxies,can u help me find my spaceship I want my wishes came true!
becca 2015-01-07 17:48:01
am a Libra born need a break throughout this 2015....need a good husband
Shan 2015-04-07 05:21:02
Hi Becca,

I will pray for you, everything will workout for you for the best.
God loves us.
Linu 2015-01-07 07:49:35
My birthdate is 5th October 1988. Am struggling in my career. Also am single, still couldnt find my betterhalf. Will there be any developments. Please let me know.
Vivek 2015-01-12 12:55:42
Don't worry Linu..Things will be fine .Have trust on yourself. 🙂 Struggle makes us strong and prepares us for tyhe better things to achieve . Stay Happy.Cheers!!!

Andrea 2015-01-07 07:49:12
I Was Born October 8 , 1997 . I Been Through So Much I Just Want To Know When I Will Be Able To Have My Life Back All My Family Members Have Left Me .
janice 2015-01-05 18:22:11
My birthday is October 10,1982. Will I get pregnant this yr?

tammy 2015-01-04 19:23:26
I was born Oct 21 1986, was wondering if i will get married this year
Ayesha Banu 2015-01-04 17:28:38
Iam ayesha banu,i was born on 13 oct 1989 iam still single when will i get married and please tell me about my career in 2015.
Nadeem 2015-01-08 08:42:08
Hi banu. My dob is 4th Oct

We can discuss about our future if u want. U can contact me on my whatsapp number. 00971507922045
mel 2015-01-01 08:12:07
im october 6th so this is not good news to hear!
ndmhd 2014-12-31 07:45:40
i am single lady born 22 oct 1977 at 5pm is there any good news on 2015 regarding marriage.
ancd 2014-12-31 12:36:13
Hi I am single man born oct 1979, will you marry me.. if yes mail me at : tourism.chd@gmail.com
rajiv 2014-12-31 10:32:21
be happy

in upcoming year i.e.2015
u r going to get married with a good human.
Kathleen 2014-12-30 12:21:09
Why are you guys looking here to find out what's in store for the future? Worry not about tomorrow, for today has enough of its own trouble. Let your Father in Heaven take care of you. Read the Bible. Not the horoscope.
Zakir 2015-01-01 09:13:07
Dear Kathleen,
I agree with you. You must read bible. But do you know those who read bible very often, finally turn atheist, Why?. I urge you to read bible and quran both. List out the differences and write back to me at zakirhusainkhan@yahoo.co.in
I love to read bible and unfortunately found many contradictions and discripencies. I am a revert.
luke 2015-02-20 06:07:23
Mr Zakir,
Kathleen has made a right statement because these predictions are made so as to guide us on the basis of astrological calculations.coming to the holy books mentioned,holy scripts helps us in finding the rights and wrongs of life but it is a long term aspect...as world is changing we all look out for solutions and this is where we find it....kindly don't check out for the discrepancies in the holy books because u wont be able to find what you are looking out for.
Sajji Sreedharan 2014-12-29 12:31:58
born on 1971 oct 21st 7:30 Am. I am in Dubai, Struggling in Job. Want to know about my career

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