2016 Horoscope for Tiger Zodiac Sign

2016 Horoscope Tiger

Chinese 2016 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Tiger, for the 2016 Red Fire MONKEY Year

Year of the Monkey 2016 for those born under the sign of the Tiger (1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)
Have you ever seen how lightning strikes a dead tree, and at instant flames cover it from roots to crown? Thus is looming in 2016 the union of Monkeys, electing element Fire as a sponsor, with Tigers, who belong to element Wood. Year of Monkey promises to be productive and passionate, so your striped-mustachioed will not regret time lost foolishly. Rather, it will feel destroy because a year that was so interesting fleets as a comet sweeping, and disappeared far away.

In terms of relationships, horoscope does not promise to humanity smooth sailing, downwind and safe harbors. Tigers begin to launch in stormy seas, turning and throwing foam swirls toward steep reefs. As a result, these predators come always beaten and lacerated, lamenting cruelty of Venus, the Goddess of love. If divine sponsor of all lovers in 2016 makes you a visit, be sure to receive wearing a leather suit and waving a whip. Year of Monkey smells like sadomasochism, so it will be painful, but pleasant. The reason why love in Year of Monkey reminds you a competition for survival, it is pathological mismatches couples. Tigers will build relationships with people very similar to them. What if you put two scorpions in a bottle or put two leaders on the same project? The answer is obvious: rivals will bite each other in a brutal struggle for power. You do not like chat that goes against you, ridiculing or challenging your head of household title and your partner by nature a predator is not able to hold your attacks. The whole thing has to do with human nature. If you, Tiger, you decide to choose for peace-loving herbivores, ready to stand all day in the meadow, chewing green grass and nod in agreement signal answering to your orders, then we would not have to talk about family conflicts. However, lord of jungle rather likes to have at the other side bright, self-sufficient, and freedom lovers, who are able to move away from logic and rush headlong into maelstrom of feelings like into Niagara Falls. Chinese horoscope recommends Tigers during Year of Monkey 2016 submit to fact that their partners refuse living with imposing rules. Jointly develop a code of mutually acceptable standards. In year of Monkey rather not dividing zones of influence as "mine" and "yours" - just put aside both thrones. Remember that your loved one - no adviser or favorite, or guardian, but co-ruler you must respect and take in account its opinions.

In the working area, year of Monkey 2016 will allow Tigers performing its strong and passionate nature, but not always, their revealed leadership qualities will play on their owner's hands. Flames that reverberate into Monkey?s chest easily will moving to you, Tiger, just so horoscope recommends ensuring that fire do not goes beyond your heart. Striped-mustachioed costs be friendly, moreover lose control of their emotions, as the fire spreads to his brain and burns all there to create arid desert which leaves this sign representatives immersed into an abyss of ambition without a drop common sense. Tigers must always be aware about difference between painful habit of destroying rivals, and healthy hunter?s passion. One thing is down opposite to ground and dragging on dust a little, and quite another is kicking him almost to death. Do not pass beyond the line where goal no longer justifies the means, due to the first misery and cruelty of the last.

In the year of Monkey 2016, it is difficult to approach Tigers who have never worked on a team. Representative of this Zodiac sign use to do everything faster (nothing horrible, but often have to redo the work), but other team members may not assume the same pace. In your community there will be people who are not meticulous, sometimes very rigid thinking, or that slow openly, and their behavior begin to awake on your chest a bloodthirsty monster. This will be like putting first graders with different levels of preparation on a table and give everyone read the same story. At the same time weaker students only end up solving issues in the first half of work, the smart Tigre read the text from left to right, right to left, and again from the bottom up. Then fools get bored and start spinning, and talk with others, make bullying, or even arrange a fight that ultimately leads to the following situation: the screaming kids, the book forgotten and offended Tiger standing in the corner, without speaking to anyone. If in 2016 you feel that you are giving too much importance to what they say about you behind your back, or often are following what your colleagues do, then you know - you will soon boring. Get yourself some additional occupation, however, it will save you from unnecessary thoughts, moreover you will improve your financial situation. In the year of Monkey, Tiger must take care of business instead of chasing its own tail and growl at its reflection in the mirror.

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