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2018 Chinese Horoscope Dragon

Oriental 2018 Horoscope Dragon, for the Yellow Earth DOG Year

The wise and sensible Dog, who will have to control humanity in 2018, appreciates determined, honest people, which all the people born under the sign of the Dragon are. The Dog will offer support and aid to each Dragon, becoming somewhat like a life-jacket in the ocean of mundane troubles.

Dragon 2018 Horoscope for the Yellow Earth Dog Year

Dragon 2018 Horoscope

The only thing which the Dog cannot help its fosterlings with is an inspiration. With such a down-to-earth nature, the Dog is not capable of creating, which means that even Dragons who think in unorthodox ways will have to spend the whole of 2018 without major flights of fantasy. Dragons will only be able to overcome this down-to-earth attitude after they make use of someone else's creative ideas. That is, in order to have major success in the year governed by the Yellow Dog, Dragons should look more openly at the world around them, and find some like-minded people.

By nature of their personalities, Dragons are self-sufficient and independent. For this reason, Dragons are far more comfortable fighting for potential success independently, than they would be looking for allies. In 2018, you will still have to violate your life thesis. Yes, the Yellow Dog will be very good towards you, but will only be able to make the best use of its goodness once you give priority back to teamwork. You will have to create a 'team' not only in professional matters, but also in matters of a personal nature. Get hold of as many friends as possible, talk openly to everyone you are interested in, and of course, be inspired by everything you learn from your new acquaintances.

New acquaintances will help Dragons not only to make their life brighter and richer, but will also force them to reassess their ego. By your nature, you are very modest, and on numerous occasions this modesty has gotten in the way of you getting closer to people of the opposite sex. While the Yellow Dog has authority over the world, many things in this regard will change radically. When you see delighted glances directed at you, you will sincerely believe that you are worth a lot. Your self-esteem will grow significantly, and alongside it, it will become more likely that you will finally stop running away from the interest that you are shown from others. As a result, if you are single, 2018 will be a starting point, where your new love story will begin, where you will not be afraid or hesitate to discover all the facets of your new, colorful nature.

As far as married Dragons are concerned, it will also be characteristic for them to completely refuse to be stiff in their behavior. You will stop behaving like a prude in everything relating to marital intimacy, and your spouse will definitely be pleased by this. Even in domestic matters, you will no longer be an eternal grouch, worrying about unpaid utility accounts and every mundane malfunction. You will learn to face all these difficulties with a smile, having realized wonderfully that malfunctions, leaks, and similar trivial details are only trifles, which do not take away the most important thing from you. The most important thing for you during the period when the Yellow Dog reigns will be spiritual closeness to your significant other. You will become even closer to them, if in the second half of 2018 you visit a picturesque resort or make an unforgettable journey together.

Incidentally, you are advised to spend the year of the Yellow Dog in exactly this way, changing your familiar environment as often as possible. It would be right for you to renounce your habitual role as a homebody and let yourself become the linchpin of social get-togethers and similar events. Especially since by attending all these get-togethers and events, you will be able to significantly expand your circle of friends (even finding people who will later become your most faithful like-minded people). The horoscope has already specified that in 2018 you should open up to business types of partnerships, and these partnerships will arise just like that - after recreational activities together and lively interaction. Catching a light with the creative idea of one of your new friends, you will acquire the same life direction, and by following it you will attain great success in your business or career. There's one more important aspect. By starting any kind of partnership, at the very start you should establish it on the principle equality and democracy. That is, you must not think that you are always the right 'head' and that your like-minded thinkers are impersonal agents of your will and your ambitious desires.

On the whole, during the period when the Yellow Dog is ruling, Dragons' careers will have every opportunity to lunge forward. This will be made possible not only by useful acquaintances and connections, but also by the unparalleled diligence of representatives of this sign. Knowing neither fatigue nor laziness, you will bring to life one project after the next, relentlessly bringing yourself closer to your primary goal - towards the job which even your colleagues at work dream about. By the way, as soon as you conquer the career Olympus (this will happen roughly in the third ten-day period of 2018), make an effort not to lose vigilance in relationships with coworkers. Many of these will look enviously on your triumphant success, and start to put spokes in your wheels. Dragon is an incredibly wise and sensible sign. By demonstrating all these qualities, you will probably be able to protect yourself from the intrigues of greedy colleagues who resent your victories.

There is one more important aspect in which you should demonstrate extreme caution. This is your finances, which in the second half of the year of the Dog will start to grow smoothly, opening the doors of expensive boutiques and respectable restaurants to you. Don't forget that spending money on luxury will bring you only a few minutes of satisfaction. Nevertheless, it could seriously hurt your wallet, and this could happen at a moment when you will really need your finances for developing your partnership idea. It would be right for you to create a list of permissible expenses for yourself, and to strictly 'veto' anything else you want to spend on top of it. This kind of foresight will enable you to finish 2018 with decent capital, made up of the very funds which you did not let yourself spend on a luxury overnight (on pretentious entertainment and similar things, which by and large you will not really need).

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This year has started out really terrible for me and it only seems to be getting worse. Will my luck change in 2018? I thought by having Jupiter in my sign it was supposed to protect me and bring me luck? This has been such a terrible year, will there be any light? Do you predict such misfortune at the beginning of this 2018 year?
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