2018 Color Horoscope for Taurus Zodiac Sign

2018 Color Horoscope Taurus

Taurus Color Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

The color associated with Taurus is pink or green. Venus, the ruler Taurus, is associated with the color pink. These light colors can be worn in small splashes as ties, scarves, or socks to enhance your regular clothes (please wear regular clothes, too). Jewelry with pink stones like coral, morganite, and pink sapphire are good options for Taurus as well as emerald.

2018 starts with Venus sticking close to the Sun in Capricorn, and it stays in the sign until January 18th. Wear purple with your pink and green duds, but you need not look like you let a five-year-old girl is your personal stylist. Venus in Capricorn appreciates subtlety, so be strategic with how you wear these colors. Try earthier greens and darker purples, like plum. Your gentle, cautious nature is highlighted at the beginning of the year. If you want to travel to exotic places or catch the eye of that foreign hottie, better wait until next year.

After January 18th, Venus passes through Aquarius, so you can add some violet and blue with your pink. Taurus people will step into the public eye, or at least become better known. You'll want to look good and add some flair because people will be looking up to you.

Around the 10th of February, Venus enters Pisces. This is Venus' sign of exaltation, making this a great time for Taureans. You feel good and people are attracted to the positive vibes you send out. You want to spend time with friends. You may be more adaptable now and may change your opinions on things in line with the general feelings of your group.

From March 6th, step it up to blood reds as Venus passes through the challenging sign of Aries. The need to conquer is strong, and you will want to win both love and money now. You may find yourself alone for much of this period.

On March 25th, Venus enters its own sign of Taurus. Now wear pinks, greens and whatever frilly thing you want. This is a good time of the year for Taurus people as the planetary energies are in tune with your core values. You can be yourself and be loved for being so.

Your planet enters Gemini on April 24th, and now you can choose richer pinks that tend toward yellower hue, like coral, peach, and apricot. You're looking for value in your love life, and what is valuable is what is plentiful. You will be inclined to discuss your romances and may even draw up a pros and cons list to decide which person to love. You may even flip a coin to make the decision.

On May 19th, Venus will enter Cancer which supports you wearing pink, white, and pastel shades. Now you shift toward clinging to those in your family and close circle. You may be exasperated with getting your nose in their business all the time, but you'll still be there for them when they call.

Starting on June 13th, wear pink, yellow, and gold as Venus travels through Leo. You may feel you are going back to your roots now and why not? Go all out and be as ornamental as you like. Have some fun and plan romantic activities.

On July 10th, Venus enters Virgo. Virgo is a like an ill-fitting shoe for Venus. Now add some drab, boring colors to mix, like beige and navy. This can be a good time to meet significant others but in a light or flirtatious way. Take pains with personal grooming and attend to the details of your looks. This means paying attention to your waistline, too.

The good news is that on August 6th, Venus is back in its other natural sign, Libra, where she is comfortable. This is a time to don pinks and blues, much like the hues in a sunset. The beauty and grace of Venus-ruled people will shine through now. You can seek harmony and peace in daily rituals. Taking care of your health for the sake of your looks may be a pleasure or at least easier now.

On September 9th, Venus enters Scorpio, a place that she is not particularly comfortable. Now you can choose colors like hot pink, magenta, and poison green. Venus stimulates your partnership zone and this will bring issues to the surface. Venus is the planet of love and Scorpio is about jealousy and power struggles. Venus loved is married with jealousy, obsession, and extremes. Love can be found now, but it won't be a walk in the park. You may lose more than your heart if your lover is Scorpionic. The sex may be amazing though.

Venus retrograde

On October 5th, Venus starts her retrograde period for the year, initially for four weeks in Scorpio. Have fun with that. You may go back on your declarations of love or, more seriously, you may decide that you no longer love people and things that you once did. Venus re-enters Libra for the second time this year on Halloween and goes backward for two weeks. Venus loves being in Libra, and for Taureans it means a time for devotional work and cleaning up. You will want perfection. Wear pink, blue, and emerald green.

Venus direct

On November 16th, Venus moves directly again in Libra. Carry on with the rosy shades and bright greens. Start daily rituals like yoga or prayer that support your mental and physical well-being. Make space in your life for practices like stretching or meditation that can calm your nerves.

Venus is in Scorpio from December 2nd until the end of the year. Scorpio is opposite your own sign of Taurus, so you can expect some tension now as life gets more serious for Taureans. The color combinations now are back to hot pink and magenta. Mix it up with a little black and make it sexy. You may feel blackmailed or held to ransom by love and or money. Work may become boring and the situation could create stress for your naturally easygoing nature. Remember that this too shall pass and complicated energy has to be worked through.

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