2018 Love Horoscope for Taurus Zodiac Sign

2018 Love Horoscope Taurus

Taurus Love Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

There is a stage before commitment and this is shown as your dating area. For Taurus the talkative planet Mercury rules this part of your life. This means you need to work on your chat-up lines and easy going conversations which are used in the getting-to-know-your period of relationships. Speak to as many people as you can if you are looking for love. Be cool but make it common knowledge that you are in the market for a new love. Other people will be happy to spread the word.

The planet of love will stimulate your romantic life from July 11th to August 7th when it will be a very comfortable time for you. Taurus like things to be easy going and often to stay the same and if you find love is pleasant now you will really be happy. Now you can have romantic dinners and walks in the park. Being together will be a priority. You may feel inclined to spend money on your lover and give them gifts. Make sure they are couple's presents so you can do fun things together. Rather give a gift of art lessons that can be spent together than one-off facials or massages.

The warm Sun highlights your romances between August 24th to September 23rd when it will stimulate your love life and bring warmth to your beating heart. Use this time to be together and share your love with close friends and family. Let the world know you are in love and that it is good. If you are single, then your heart will be all of a flutter by someone who comes into your life at this time. Start each day with a happy face and spend time in the Sun as it will give you energy and a glow.

Committed Relationships

When it come to your love life the landscape shifts as the power planet Pluto controls your serious romances. For Taurus when a relationship goes to the next level the deeper more intense intricacies of human relating are uncovered. Be prepared to eventually tell all but don't just blurt things out. It is important that the deeper your relationships the more mystique you control. This can be tricky but with Pluto managing your partnerships you should be able to give just enough to remain tantalizing to your lover.

Mars will be in your marriage sector until January 27th bringing energy and passion to your partnerships. This may make you either over confident or a little rash in the first month of the year but challenges in your love life will ease up after Mars moves on. In the first few weeks do not hesitate to announce your interest in someone or your specific desires for a mate.

The lucky planet Jupiter has been in your partnership sector since October 2017 and continues to bring your good things related to your committed relationship and marriage for most of 2018. In November the lucky streak will have passed but this gives you plenty of time to in fact be lucky in love and find the best person with whom you can spend the rest of your life. If you are already married this boost of expansion will make your conjugal relationship really good and turn it into something with which you are very happy. This year above all else Jupiter will support your love life and take it to new heights.

Venus is in your harmonious relationship area from September 10th until November 1st with a darker period within that from October 5th to November 1st. From September 10th onwards get public with being a couple tell everyone you know and make an announcement if that is what it takes.

The Sun will bring light and stimulate your partnership and marriage sector from October 23rd to November 23rd this will be somewhat obscured by the Venus dark period. Only after November 16th is a good time to marry for Taurus although you are notorious for delaying love commitments. Take the plunge and become part of a couple. The challenges of the Sun and Venus competing for the light and love may make you and all Taurus folk feel stalemated for a short period.

Remember Pluto is the planet that rules your committed partnerships and marriage including the vows you take now or took before. This is not to be trifled with and the powerful energy that this planet brings to your marriage will make many other signs jealous of the love you have. This can cause others to bad mouth your partner and try to undermine your better half in some way. Do not keep these people close but banish them from your life. You only need good people in your circle who accept your spouse as an equal to you.

Lost Love

Mercury will slow down your love life as the ruler of all dating and flirting for three times this year from March 23rd to April 15th, between July 26th to August 19th and during the period from November 17th to December 6th. These three times are when you will not feel like dating or going out to meet people and those that you do meet will be argumentative and you may find them rude or ignorant and thus they will not meet your standards for intellectual ability in a mate.

Do not marry between October 5th to November 16th or when Pluto is stationing either retrograde or direct which is on April 22nd or October 1st or for five days before and after those two dates. These days can be turning points in your marriage and need to handled carefully. Do not kill your relationship even if the desire to do so is oppressive. Give yourself time to reconsider any life changing decisions during these sensitive times. If you feel the love is dead, then face it with a clear head and plan the distribution of your joint life appropriately.

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