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2020 August Horoscope

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Monthly August 2020 Horoscope

Last month was a wild ride! Between the powerful end of the Capricorn-Cancer eclipse cycle and Saturn’s retrograde station in Aquarius, July was a doozy of a therapy session. Luckily, the cosmos is in our favor this month as the planets shower us with a much-needed vacation. Although mid-August is sure to throw a couple of curveballs our way, we’ll be able to fuse our actions with our passions to forge them into tangible reality.

On August 3rd, the Full Moon in Aquarius signals a promise of fulfillment and illumination – a prime time to cash in on the hard work we’ve been doing the past six months! Emotions are usually at an all-time high under the light of the full moon, but the cool airy winds of Aquarius usher in a detached vibe.

We’re thinking with our head instead of with our heart, but you’ve got to lay off the ego and stop being so aloof!

One thing to watch out for is this full moon’s tense square to Uranus, ruler of this lunation. While flashes of genius insight are coming in at lightning-quick speed, such electricity could rock your body – literally. No joke; we’ll all need to tune into the natural, physical world and take note of anything that’s not quite right.

Not even a full day later, Mercury enters Leo and fires us up with confidence. From August 4th through the rest of the month, be ready to let your light shine and let out a lion roar. Self-expression is colorful now with theatrical speeches and story-telling that add a bit of flair to our lives. Strut your stuff!

Venus enters Cancer on August 7th to bring emotions into focus for real. Venus is all about self-esteem, money, love, and values, and we have almost psychic insight into these things when she transits intuitive Cancer. There’s a tendency to take everything personally right now though – especially rejection. The key is to surround yourself with nurturing friends who make you feel safe and protected.

If anything makes you feel unsafe this month, Venus in Cancer wants you to honor your instincts. That being said, you might want to practice asking yourself if you’re being too subjective.

Vesta enters Leo on the 11th bringing out the artist in each of us. As Vesta rules the home and the hearth, in Leo she beckons us to bring our creativity to our sanctuary. All month, this asteroid shines a spotlight on creating joy.

But with light also comes shadows. Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with some shadows of your own on the 12th. As Saturn in Capricorn makes a quintile to Chiron in Aries, your defenses are triggered and inherited fears bubble to the surface. More specifically, fears of not meeting expectations, fears of not being taken seriously, fears of getting something wrong.

Lighten up! When Chiron is in aspect to Saturn, your own rigidity or contempt for failure can easily run you into the ground.

In fact, the more flexible you are the better – at least throughout the second half of the month. You’ll need all the mental dexterity you can muster when Uranus stations retrograde on the 15th. Although the planet of surprises has another six years to go in the sign of Taurus, the five-month retrograde backspin shakes things up in our material world. Shocks, scandals, breakups, and breakthroughs blast us through radical changes, so we’ll all need to open our minds and evolve through this.

Under the raw New Moon in Leo on the 18th, we find safety in the applause of the crowd. Yet, this praise and admiration shine a spotlight on our fear of criticism. How can you expect to improve if you don’t accept feedback from others? Everyone fails, but the real achievement is mustering the strength to be who you are destined to be even in the face of your mistakes.

Don’t let self-criticism get the best of you on the 22nd. The Sun’s ingress into Virgo takes a microscope to the details and matter-of-factly points out any unfinished business. The practical earthy energy of Virgo knows there’s no use crying over spilled milk. Instead, this is a time to get organized and clean up any odds and ends.

On August 25th, you could feel more motivated than ever. As the first quarter moon grows from the last degree of Scorpio to the first degree of Sagittarius, the momentum is building towards a breakthrough.

The only thing to fear now is inaction! It’s time to gather your intentions and let your arrow fly.

Just like seedlings beneath the earth, we burst through the rich soil in August on a mission to fulfill our purpose. We approach the chill of September rooted and grounded in our own energy with our leaves reaching toward the sun.

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