2020 Horoscope for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

2020 Horoscope Sagittarius

Astrology forecast for 2020, the year of the White Metal Rat. 2020 Horoscope for people born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

"The only constant in the universe is change." Oh Sagittarius, you probably have a tattoo of that quote on your shoulder, just below the Tasmanian Devil with your college mascot (by the way, this is a very good year for arranging to have that removed). It's something you've innately known all of your life. You've never been surprised by the change, you expect it to come, and more often than not you thrive on it. This can be a very good thing, as adaptability is crucial for survival. Note that we say it "can" be a good thing, as deliberately seeking out change to throw some chaos into your life is not always in your best interest. We're not judging, Sagittarius. You do you, because you're the only you out there. What we would recommend is that you learn to harness that desire for chaos to serve your life better. How, we hear you ask? Read on.

There's no way we can honestly suggest that 2020 has no change on the horizon. It's the only constant, after all. That means put it out of your head. The only thing you can control is how you respond to it. Yeah, yeah, you know all this, Sagittarius. But this is the year for you to really listen to it. Maybe you need to look in the mirror at that tattoo (and then set up another mirror across the room so you don't have to read it backward) and let those words sink in. Don't worry about how much change is coming to you this year. Just concentrate on how you respond to it. The cosmos is throwing some big signifiers of change out there. 2019 is wrapping up with a good old-fashioned solar eclipse that's going to (literally) cast a shadow across 2020. Historically solar eclipses have brought great change to humanity and you are going to harness that energy for good next year. Historically, "bad change" to humanity has meant burning witches and things like that. We know you're not going to do that, but also note that "changing for no reason but change itself" can fall into the bad change category. You're not going to do that, though. You're going to be thoughtful about it. Read on for some thoughts on how to do that.

With all of this talk about change, we're guessing the first thing you got excited about was changing things in your work life. You might even have started drafting your resignation email. We would advise you to hold on a moment, Sagittarius, before you hit send on that message. Yes, great change is coming to you, but don't lean into the chaos. You've got some cosmic guidance in 2020 as to when to make your drastic moves. Mercury is prominently in Pisces from February 6th through the 14th of April. It's like the planet moved into a friend's apartment for a spell while work is being done on their house. Keep track of those dates. Any moves you've been itching to do regarding your job or future career moves should happen during this time. That gives you all of January to do some thinking and planning. If you've been thinking of quitting a bad position, get your ducks in order so as to do so during Mercury's extended stay. Maybe you've been looking up community college classes for a while, all with an eye towards a big job change? That spring semester is beckoning you. This is just the jolt your career and your life needs right now. If you're already enrolled, keep at it. Take this as a sign that you're on the right track.

Unfortunately, college costs money. Lots of things cost money (says the very obvious astrologers). Have your moves in the past been shaped by financial circumstances? Everyone's moves have been, of course. Sometimes that's impossible to avoid, but we'd advise you to think about when chaos has come about in your life in the form of financially-based decisions. Did you ever choose something because you were flat broke, even though you knew another paycheck was arriving soon? This would be an example of not harnessing the chaos of the universe to work for you. That business about Mercury moving in with Pisces (temporarily and platonically. Don't make it into a scandal.) is going to affect your financial affairs apart from your job as well. We're not saying throw all your money into the stock market during those months, but if there was ever a time to do anything slightly (and we emphasize slightly) risky financially, that would be the time. Put some money aside for house repairs? Put it to use and hire that contractor. Thinking about taking classes to get ahead? Reserve that seat for the spring semester. Don't get stuck thinking the only way you can invest is to put money in stocks or bonds. This is the period of time to invest in yourself.

It's been too easy in the past for you to think drastic change is the answer to all your romantic problems. We're guessing you've been inclined to at least think about cutting all ties and running from a relationship that's been too much of something: too claustrophobic, too tepid, too whatever. Sometimes that is the right answer. Sometimes you have to get out of a bad situation. But the question you need to answer, Sagittarius, is if the thing that needs to be fixed is yourself? There's a lot of Venus shining down on you in 2020. That means every part of you connected to love and relationships (which, frankly, is just about all of you) is bathed in a bright, revealing light. This means everyone can see the full you, warts and all. You need to spend some time looking at you very closely and seeing what you're bringing to relationships. Have you been the problem the whole time? If the answer is yes, that's okay. Don't beat yourself up over it. But take an honest look and see what changes you can make. You're growing, Sagittarius, and that's a good thing.

We've left the biggest area for change for last because it's where you need to go wild. We're talking about your health. Don't worry, we're not going to nag you about laying on the couch or anything like that. But we are going to make one strong recommendation: get to the doctor. Don't panic. we just mean if you've been putting off a checkup or there's some procedure you've been delaying, the second quarter of 2020 is the time to do it. Your body is ready for some heavy-duty positive change. We're not suggesting starting that crash fasting diet (please don't do this), but you do need to shock your system with some healthier eating choices and physical activity. Again, don't immediately start running marathons if you've been a couch-dweller for years, but start that walking program. If you're already active, switch your concentration. You're a big long-distance runner? Well, it's arm day now. You're a powerlifter? Hit the pool and do some laps. Following that vegan diet to a T? Don't pick up a cheeseburger, but change up the routine of what you are eating and find some new plant-based sources of food. Change change change, but do it for good. Your body craves some novelty. Don't disappoint it.

The work you do in this coming year will help prepare you for years to follow. As you close out 2020, the planets will be doing their cosmic dance in preparation for 2021. Mars will be entering Libra on December 8th, 2020 and staying through the following July. That's a long time to have a temporary roommate and that means the work you do this coming year will serve you well in the years to come. Everything we've spelled out here is about change, but that's nothing new to you. You're setting the chess pieces in place to be prepared for those changes that you can't control in the years to come. You've had a lifetime of living by the ebb and flow of the universe and now you're going to put that knowledge to use.

Chaos reigns. You know that, Sagittarius. You've lived your entire life according to that fact. You've never run away from change. In fact, you've embraced it even when it's cutting a destructive path across your life. 2020 is the time for you to temper that last tendency of yours. You're still going to occasionally hop on a stranger's motorcycle and ride across the country and that's fine, but you're not going to do it to try to get away from your problems. You have the power to harness chaos and connect it to your personal power grid. This is your challenge for the year, Sagittarius, but we know you're up to it. The energy from change has been your caffeine for years. Now you're going to drink that coffee and be the most productive you've been in your entire life.

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