2020 Love Horoscope for Taurus Zodiac Sign

2020 Love Horoscope Taurus

Taurus Love Horoscope 2020 for the year of the White Metal Rat

Though Kylie Jenner wasn't talking about 2020 when she had her own "year of realizing stuff," for Tauruses she might as well have been. Especially when it comes to love and relationships. The movement of the stars will bring success in other areas of life for those of us with Taurus in our horoscope, but they may complicate things in the bedroom.

Though Venus (the planet of love) will pay Taurus a month-long visit in the spring of 2020, it's not going to be a particularly steamy year for Tauruses. The house of love and the house of friendship will sadly not be in power for Taurus. Because of this, Tauruses can expect things to stay pretty much how they were in 2019 on the romance front. Don't expect to have a Lizzie McGuire moment, there probably won't be any Italian pop stars waiting to sweep you off your feet. Single Tauruses might not meet their soulmate in 2020 (they might not even meet someone worthy of a summer fling), but they will be able to use their free time to focus on themselves. The solar eclipse in June will bring feelings of balance and calm to Tauruses. This will be a good time for all Tauruses to take extra care of themselves to maximize the relaxation. Venus will also enter the house of Taurus in March blessing Tauruses with the confidence to get their Instagram likes way up, which will probably help too.

Tauruses in relationships will also need to spend more time focusing on themselves in 2020. Mars will be spending seven whole months in the house of Sagittarius, starting on Valentine's Day no less. This unusual crossing could represent an uncertain future for long term relationships. You might be struggling to decide if bae is really the one, or feel like you're outgrowing the relationship entirely. To work through this uncertain time, you'll have to do some hard work. The 2020 alignment of stars will bless Tauruses with keen perceptive powers, but of course, the truth can hurt. For single Tauruses, this crossing could represent unsure feelings about the self or other concrete plans. Now is not the time to be stubborn. Just because you've been counting on your partner or promotion doesn't mean things will happen the way you intended. Tauruses should keep an open mind, and in tune with their needs.

Pluto, the planet of big changes, will be chilling in the house of Capricorn for the year. Capricorn is the house of knowledge for Taurus, in addition to being a fellow Earth sign. This astral combination will give all Tauruses a heightened ability to see themselves and their needs clearly. Tauruses that are single and in relationships should both apply these powers of perception to their personal relationships.

The 2020 alignment offers good news to Tauruses in long-distance relationships. Venus will be in Capricorn starting in November 2020 and will linger for a couple of months. Capricorn is the most social house on the zodiac. Venus' transit here will bring you closer to those who are far away from you. This will be a great opportunity for Tauruses to take a trip to go see their long-distance partners or any old friends that have moved far away. Any extra effort Tauruses choose to put into their distance relationships during the Venus transit will definitely pay off, so make sure to plan ahead! For single Tauruses, the Venus transit could be a sign that it's time to get more involved in group activities. Join a book club or a kickball league. This will be a great time for you to integrate into new social groups.

All in all, Tauruses can expect to have a sort of subdued experience with love in 2020. However, they can use this lull to their advantage. Tauruses should take the year to decide what they ultimately want from their relationships. That could mean staying single and working on themselves, it could mean breaking things off with a long term partner, or maybe it could mean they're ready to take their relationship to the next level. In any case, it will be crucial for Tauruses to build in time to love themselves. As Jonathan VanNess, the patron saint of self-care, once said, "We focus so much on our relationships with other people, and beauty, for me, is about facilitating your relationship with yourself." In 2020, Tauruses would be wise to heed those words.

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