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2021 was no joke. For a good chunk of the Cancer out there, the eclipses all throughout last year might've caused some health scares here and there. Now that the Nodes have moved out of your 6th house, there's a lot of room for growth and improvement. In fact, the trials of 2021 were part of this journey themselves.

A good feature for Cancer's health in 2022 is the first quarter's Jupiter transit through your 9th house. This is the house of faith, higher education, and foreign things. While immediately there isn't a seemingly direct relationship between these areas and your health, this house is in a square aspect to your 6th place of health and wellbeing. This means that if you have Mars or Saturn in your 6th house and struggle with health problems every now and then, things are going to be looking much better this early quarter. Those of you who don't qualify for the criteria still do benefit because Jupiter is the ruler of your house of health anyways. With that said, those benefits might be most apparent for people dealing with mental health issues. Though, the 9th house could imply that you could be learning new ways to take care of your body.

With this transit, there's also always the chance for travel. This would be a good time for going on a yoga retreat and have an entire body and mind reset. Especially as you might still be recovering from the events brought upon by the eclipses in your 6th house last year, this episode will be a step in the right direction.

Since we're in this whole mental health vibe, another transit looks quite positive on that end. Both Mercury and Venus will be transiting through your 12th house starting around the end of June. This transit brings heightened creative energy. Though you may feel like retreating and taking some time for yourself, this will likely be for the better. We all know how Cancers like their time alone. With that in mind, use June and July (it even lines up with Cancer season) to create something new and fun. Even if it overlaps with your birthday, don't be afraid to take the me-time you need to get a clear head.

One important thing to note is that this time to take a reset will be extremely important and appreciated as we approach the end of the year. Later in November, it's that time of the cycle again: The Mars Retrograde. The fact that this is happening in your 12th house also raises a few eyebrows. This transit lasts until early 2023, and it can be one that's a little rough around the edges—especially if you were born in the morning. With that said, enjoy a relaxed time early in the year, but get ready to purge some ghosts throughout the Northern Hemisphere Winter. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Having someone to talk to through transits that directly target our mental health can be somewhat challenging.

With that said, the range of manifestation of this transit varies for everybody. Still, it's better to stay safe than sorry. Just be prepared. Other than that, the year looks fantastic, so make the best out of it.

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