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The world might still have many uncertainties, but one thing is for sure. 2022 is a career-focused year for all Cancers. There's a chance for some real improvement as we advance. Jupiter will be transiting through your 9th and 10th houses for most of the year. This makes it so you spend the early quarter of the year learning and mastering new skills to apply that new knowledge for the rest of the year. You may notice things picking up speed in May as Jupiter switches signs. The firey cardinal energy of your 10th house will be activated and bring a lot of speed to your development. It may be a lot to take in, especially since this is a year-long transit. The beginning of the transit will be the time with the most impact. As Mars transits through that same house, you can expect to meet dominant male figures in your field. The martial aggression might be a little much for Cancer, but it might light a fire in you, pushing you past your limit. You can expect recognition, but one that comes through great toil.

Jupiter is not the only planet you should be paying attention to, though. As much as it sets the mood for the year, the Venus and Uranus conjunction happening in your 11th house in June can also bring some interesting results. You could end up working on a group project that promises some degree of recognition, but there will be a lot of pressure to get it done. It could be a stressful and unpredictable time, but mostly, if you gather the patience, the outcome will likely be profitable. This task will be significantly less challenging for the Cancers born at night. However, the best advice here is to aim for any big releases for the Full Moon. June 11th to 13th are the worst days, and the 14th looks best.

October, you might notice a significant slowing down in pace. Jupiter will be going retrograde, and both the Sun and Venus will be opposing it in your 4th place. While this will only be a considerable hurdle for Cancer born during the day, you may find it hard to focus on work due to some good old family drama. You could expect something with your father and your sister, or maybe even your significant other (if you have one, of course). Don't let that distract you, and know it's only fleeting. Things will resolve themselves for the better.

The closer you get to the end of the year, things will send you back into a student mentality. Don't feel discouraged by that, be humble and take the opportunity to gather more information about how to work on things in 2023. Especially as we get closer to the holidays, it might even be wise to take a course and catch up with something in your field. But, of course, if you feel overworked, the possibility of a trip is there. Watch out for delays, and it might be wiser to keep it close and make the wandering internal. This will be a Jupiter retrograde, after all, and it's always good to connect to spirituality a little. Good luck, Cancer.

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