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For the past little while, things might've been a little gloomy when it comes to love and Cancer. This, of course, applies to the sign in a vast range of possibilities. Still, Pluto hovering ever so slowly in your 7th house will indeed at least a small amount of tension when love is concerned. Pluto being the Lord of the Underworld, tends to bring emotions, desires, and even lust from the depths of our subconscious out into our external world. Whether we're aware or not, it's almost as though we attract a certain level of theatre into our lives.

While it's certain that this doesn't necessarily mean all is lost, at least for the beginning of the year, you can be ready for some degree of demur when it comes to romance. This is attributed to the Venus Retrograde happening in your 7th house in January. If you're single, this could mean that you have to first become more aware of what your real expectations are before anything substantial is manifested into your life. One thing that comes to mind with Venus in Capricorn is the idea of striving for perfection. There may be a need to address your expectations against the amount of effort you put on yourself. The same goes for those of you who are already in a committed relationship. It's easy to envision the perfect partner and want that to be true, but we have to remember perfection is unattainable, and every relationship is bound to have its ups and downs like every person is too.

After all of that's worked out, things do get better later in the year during the Venus and Jupiter conjunction in April. While this is happening in your 9th house, and that's not necessarily the place of romance, the trine with your Sun or Ascendant is what makes this a helpful transit. Venus in the 9th house makes for love that is offshore, fresh and exciting. This could be a good time where things in your love life get spiced up a little. Those who are single could expect to meet someone new either at college or university. Alternatively, the 9th house also deals with foreigners, so perhaps you could be in for a nice spring love story with a traveller. On the other hand, the coupled Cancers could expect to go on a trip with their significant other. This transit is sure to help mitigate some of the Pluto drama.

Later in the year, there's also some room for improvement in your love life in October with the Venus Cazimi in your 4th house. While this transit is most significant for those who are already married and own a home together, the Venus and Sun conjunction will still be overcoming the Pluto transit in your 7th house. This can alleviate much of the Plutonian pressure through diplomacy and a willingness to learn. Especially for those of you who do share a home with a partner, this could be a time for understanding each other's needs a whole lot better. This transit opens the room for new ways of tackling issues with disagreements regarding the relationship's big picture. Especially if you're slowly building a family together, this is a powerful time to set boundaries and make plans for the future.

This transit, however, may be manifest completely different in the lives of the single Cancers. It can symbolize that your parents or parental figures have some compelling pieces of advice in stock for you. Stay put with open years and listen to what they have to say even if it's uncomfortable. Due to the solar nature of this transit, it could be that your father or father figure will be the one delivering the insight. We all know how brash, masculine energy like that can be, so be ready for some hard (but ultimately useful) truths.

With all of that in mind, 2022 looks like a year to freshen things up. With Pluto's influence getting in the way every now and then, there's still some work to do before you get to your happily ever after. Yet, the pockets of glorious moments are still there. You just have to take advantage of them, and most importantly, not take them for granted. Learn from it.

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