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♋ Cancer Money Horoscope 2022

For Cancer, 2022 continues to be a year of relying on other people to make the bigger moves. With Saturn opposing your 2nd house and whatever may be there, the chances of working with people in high places are definitely there. With that in mind, Cancer, the key here is to make smart choices about who you're working with to ensure the money keeps coming in. This is not the year for you to invest in other people. It's the year for others to invest in you, so keep that in mind.

Though the year looks pretty positive for Cancer's financial matters, you may not really notice any considerable changes until later in the year once Jupiter enters your 10th house. This happens in the Spring, starting May 14th. If you have any planets in the 2nd, that means the Great Benefic would be supporting your financial life via trine. This is productive and stable energy and helps mitigate any possible challenges. Though, since you're still dealing with Saturn in the 8th house, a lot of this new cash flow may be going towards paying off some debt. While not as exciting as winning in the lottery, this will help you set yourself up for success in the future.

Another transit worth noting is both the Venus and Uranus conjunction and Venus and South Node conjunction. This is happening in the 11th house of associates and alliances. It happens around June, which could be when you gain unexpected financial support from your peers. Especially if you have your Moon or Venus in the second house, this could come in the form of a loan to work on a project. It may be money that you have to pay back since Saturn is still squaring Uranus, but it will be welcome assistance nonetheless.

To build upon that, another transit that is much less friendly is happening later in October, also involving your 11th house. The triple conjunction between Mars, Uranus, and the North Node may bring some consequences to that financial assistance mentioned earlier. If you were born during the day, this could be even more challenging to get through. It only lasts a couple of days, but it could be a time for infighting and greediness. With that in mind, be extremely careful with any loans you receive this year. The sender might later have some issues with it, so don't spend on anything you shouldn't be spending that money on.

With all of that in mind, 2022 looks like a year you have to use your social skills to maximize profit. Be sure to be gentle with other people's money, and you won't have too many difficulties handling the responsibility. This is a year for you to get notice and start building your dreams' career, earning the money that you always wanted to. Don't be too excited with the influx of positivity and let opportunities go to waste. The key this year is to maximize what you already own.

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