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For the past few years, with the transit of the nodes through your 6th and 12th place, things might've gotten somewhat burdensome—especially when it comes to mental health. In 2022, the Nodes will be long gone out of these two houses of a Capricorn's chart. With that in mind, things will seem to progress much faster when it comes to your health and vital energy.

Throughout the year, there aren't any majorly concerning transits healthwise. Whenever that happens, especially considering that you just came out of an 18 month-long transit that comes with some health implications, it's easy to be a little more laid-back than we should. 2022 being a year of recovery, is one that you shouldn't take for granted. If you let your health sit in the background while you're out partying or getting down to business, it is no good. Considering that life is made out of cycles, even if it takes a while, health-challenging transits will still come back at some point. Our job is to use our free will—as little as it may be— to minimize these challenging transits' effects when they come back around. In other words, the stronger we make our body, the more it can take.

With that said, 2022 is the year for Capricorn to set a workout routine and stick to it. Whether you are a person who practices New Year resolutions or not, you might want to this year. Though, a little disclaimer before you go ahead and start planning your routine. When it comes down to the 1st quarter of the year, the Mercury Retrograde will be happening in your 6th house of hardiness and health habits. This transit happens in mid-May, and it can make plans hard to maintain, and needless to say, this is usually the time when New Year's resolutions all start crumbling away. Try to remind yourself that while you chase those body goals. If you fall out of routine, don't be discouraged, blame Mercury, and even take a break if you need. Still, don't let a momentary setback let you down for the rest of the year.

Speaking of retrogrades, your 6th house seems to be a bit of a hotspot for those in 2022. Later in October, Mars will also be going retrograde in Capricorn's 6th house. This certainly can pose some complications. However, given its retrograde, the effects might be much more internal. Watch out for issues to do with inflammation. If they do arise, it could be pointing towards some imbalances regarding anger issues and work stress. The retrograde will last until the beginning of the following year, so regular exercise is hugely encouraged during this time. Though, if you are lifting, do be careful with your hands and joints, as this transit can target these areas as well. Capricorn born during the day should pay extra attention to this transit.

Knowing that the retrograde is coming, try to start your workout practice a little bit earlier in the year, so it's easier to keep it consistent. You might not have much to worry about. However, strength and resilience require work. Good luck, Capricorn.

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