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Ever since the beginning of 2021, all the Capricorns might've noticed a shift in your financial situation and how you earn money. The income that might've been more than manageable could now be put under some strains. This is especially true for those of you born at night or any of the Capricorns around 28-30 years old. Saturn is the culprit of this time of financial instability. The Great Malefic has been slowly transitioning through your 2nd house. This transit lasts until early 2023, so there may still be a little work that needs to be done before things can go back to normal. However, here are a few ways to mitigate some of these Saturnian threats.

The best way to help balance some of the Saturn influence in the life of Capricorn is by looking at the other outer planet: Jupiter. This is your source of luck and prosperity, and it will be quite a good sign for that this year. Though, this is happening in your 3rd house, a house connected to the idea of siblings and brotherly figures. Since this area of your life will be extra lucky, it would be wise to work on something with either your best friend or a sibling with a business. It may be a little hard on the ego to ask for help, but the results could be pretty positive.

The 3rd house is also the place of publications and communications. So, if working with your siblings is not a viable option, touching up your social media account and being more active could show some profitable opportunities.

Jupiter doesn't stay in your 3rd house all year, however. Later in May, it will ingress into your 4th house of the home. While there may not be some explicit financial implications there, you could take advantage of that placement to try and merge your finances with your homelife to get some of the good luck from one place transferred into another. Working from home—if you don't already— seems like a promising way of making up for that unfortunate 2nd house transit.

One thing that you should keep in mind, though, is that later in October, there will be another Saturn and Uranus square. This will, of course, involve your 2nd house, and it may manifest as some sudden bill or expense. If you have children, you'll likely have to drop some money on them. Otherwise, this could also include your creations and creative endeavours. The artist Capricorn should probably avoid trying to make any significant investments around that time,

Knowing all of that, 2022 doesn't seem like the year to become a millionaire. That's not to say that that's impossible, but you may have to pay close attention to how you're spending and where you're investing for the next little while. This may be a dark period for money matters, but you have to remember that the winter, a period of infertility and retreat, is also one that produces the most fertile soil for the next season. Take this time to recollect yourself and learn how to manage your money better. When you hit that upwards slope again, you won't regret it.

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