2016 Horoscope for Rabbit Zodiac Sign

2016 Horoscope Rabbit

Chinese 2016 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Rabbit, for the 2016 Red Fire MONKEY Year

Year of Monkey 2016 for those born under sign of Rabbit (1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)
In theory, year of Monkey 2016 should be for Rabbits a dynamic period of success, since this time interaction both sponsors elements, Fire and Wood - gives a bright burning flame, but actually whole thing will be a little harder. The point is that Rabbit, from worldview of elements - not a thick wood that can burn for hours, but rather a dead branch, trying to, but burns totally in few seconds literally leaving only a thin layer of gray ash. Do you understand now why people around say about you: "With this porridge, do not cook"? To prepare the famous dish, Rabbit will have to gather firewood and spend so much energy that it is easier to forget about cooking and going to bed hungry (or quickly take another cauldron soup). People for whom success in life - is a matter of life or death, will never tired of carrying heavy bundles of sticks, but those who are satisfied with current state of affairs, Chinese horoscope advises them to lie on the couch and wait for a more favorable period.

The love sphere will give you peace and wellbeing. Gentle and kind Rabbit almost surely will find personal happiness and make his partner happy. Do not believe harmonious relationship - because of a special gift from sponsor year of Monkey 2016. Rabbit will also fight for his beloved person - just he will not have obsessions and tell loud slogans. You understand well that real feeling not based on anniversary gifts or devote an expensive bouquet of flowers for a holiday on calendar. Love - is eating borscht in socks, throwing trash away and buy daily bread. It is the willingness to write the novel of every day, not just during weekend or holidays - that is the secret of your family happiness. Let us face it: Chinese horoscope does not promise humanity absolute happiness without clouds, because sometimes even the angels come out devil horns, but on Rabbits, this trend appears less frequently than other signs.

If you are single, then dedicate yourself in 2016 to find your better half, so that cuckoo does not surprise you alone at New Year. Monkey love reigning around him passion, joy and happiness, so, does not have to make things difficult indeed. Rabbit's main weapons in the struggle for opposite sex sympathies are natural cunning, speed of reaction and wit. Their colleagues in animal kingdom survive on them, and do so with great success. None rabbit ever tried to deal with opponents using sharp teeth and powerful claws because they do not have it, but long-eared master will be able to hide when something scares him, or running away to danger without trouble. In short, you will come out of adversity completely unharmed, while other signs on similar situations will suffer scratches, bruises and fractures.

People considering Rabbits as incompetent, indecisive and lazy, at year of Monkey 2016 will discover many new things (or not discover if this spongy rogue enough warp hiding his true character). You know how to pretend to be weak and helpless when it favors you, but no faults in attracting your opponent into a trap, even may actually be other?s hide. The rabbit will watch hole and tie camouflaged, then using trap for its own purposes. These small manipulators may send a couple of words to give victim confidence in the crater of a volcano, passing by fresh milk boiling lava. Horoscope Year of the Monkey 2016 advised to be careful with those people who look white and soft at touch, since you never know what dark thoughts lurk in such heads. Rabbits should try their hand at long-term projects and multiple ways operation, since their natural foresight and ability to calculate actions of competitors will help it deploying a flawless tactic. If long-eared runs, winding among the trees, this does not mean that he is the victim. It is very likely that Rabbit simply draw its competitor to an impenetrable forest, which cannot get out.

Horoscope Year of Monkey 2016 does not confirm that Rabbit will awake its spirit of leadership in this period. Chances are that you, Rabbit, will continue satisfied with your position as ordinary team member. You are oblivious to desire asserting authority or go-ahead crowd. Since you will smaller and less noticeable, the greater chance to survive and get a piece of carrot - that is Rabbit career principle. There is no denying that you are representative Zodiac sign of caution; it is always better to get a small part of victory than take most of defeat. If you want increasing dramatically your wealth, then you should think regarding a merge with a strong partner. You will design a clever strategy, and he - will lead it to life. The main thing is to get an honest business partner and then not overtake him in the race, securing capital together and whole royalties. In 2016, do not climbing your rates and look for influential partners, then you will have the chance to lead a happy life at their expense.

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