Oriental 2018 Horoscope for Ox

2018 Chinese Horoscope Ox

Oriental 2018 Horoscope Ox, for the Yellow Earth DOG Year

The eternal toiler, the Bull, will effective immediately gain respect and support from the ruler of 2018, the Yellow Dog. Although there is no direct relationship between these animals, there are quite a lot of things which connect them.

Ox 2018 Horoscope for the Yellow Earth Dog Year

Ox 2018 Horoscope

Both the bull and the dog are extremely simple (in their original nature there is no space for cunning or conceit). These traits will not show up in the character of any Bull during the next twelve months either. Thus representatives of this sign are destined to acquire complete emotional comfort, confidence in their tomorrow and tranquility, which was not their lot in bygone years. The Dog, for its part, will do everything to ensure that the life path of working Bulls is not overshadowed by any hardships. Indeed, to many it will seem that Bulls' lives are too routine, monotonous and very boring. Bulls themselves, however, will see the monotony as generating stability (the main thing they are striving for). In 2018, although Bulls will not have massive new victories, they will find reasons to be proud of themselves. The only people who will have such reasons are those who set the course of their lives in the right direction, and enjoy great respect from those around them.

All of the developments during the year of the Dog will insist on respect growing and increasing tirelessly. This will be fueled by the innate altruism which characterizes all Bulls. In keeping with your good tradition, you will be involved in shaping the fates of your loved ones (it's possible that you will be approached with this kind of request even by so-called nodding acquaintances, that is, people with whom you only exchange formal greetings). By agreeing to support all these people, you will not be pursuing any self-serving goal, since there is no self-interest in your nature. The voice of your pure heart will whisper to you to act exactly like this. Incidentally, it's your heart which will directly and indirectly manage everything which takes happens to you in 2018.

During the period when the Yellow Dog reigns, Bulls who do not have a significant other will change their attitude towards people of the opposite sex somewhat. You will stop waiting for someone to show interest in you, and you will learn to take your own steps to meet them. Of course, the simplicity present in your nature will risk making these steps awkward, to put it mildly. In order to eradicate this juvenile awkwardness in yourself, it would make sense for you go for special training devoted to exactly this kind of communication between the sexes. In 2018, you are generally advised to develop the qualities in yourself which you are not quite satisfied with for some reason. This self-improvement will help you to grow as a person, and also to gain completely tangible results. In this way, by coming to grips with the science called 'flirtation', already by the start of the second half of 2018 you will be able to find a decent partner to start a relationship with.

As far as married Bulls are concerned, their realities are unlikely to change significantly during the period of the Yellow Dog's reign. The only thing which will change around you is the decor inside your house. There is a chance that on your family agenda you will once again take up such a difficult matter as continuing construction of your holiday house or chalet. Your family life will comprise of both new plans and pleasant chores during the current stage. This being the case, your romantic partner will effectively stop demanding from you the lyricism which is alien to you. Apparently, the plans for your future together will be so exciting to them, that they will renounce the attempts to take you on walks under the stars and the dream of circumnavigating the globe with you.

Alongside family concerns, Bulls will also willingly find time for matters concerning their colleagues and friends. Representatives of your sign have always stood out for their heightened sense of collectivism. While the world is ruled by the Dog, the symbol of friendship and mutual assistance, the sense of collectivism in your character will show itself even more brightly. For this same reason, you will give preference to the things which imply the presence of like-minded people. Even constructing your townhouse will look exactly like this. At the start you will help one of your relatives or friends, and then this person will do everything to help your construction along. Of course, from time to time, you will come across people who get others to do their dirty work. The wisdom which you have been bestowed with from birth will help you to figure out these self-serving people and cut off communication with them. Well, in 2018 Bulls will remain faithful to themselves and will not let anybody else make them their puppets.

On the other hand, people who have demonstrated the integrity of their thoughts will be able to boldly rely on the fact that the Bulls around them will roll away every barrier and cross even the deepest abyss. One of these 'abysses' will await you in work matters. At the start of 2018 at your workplace a busy period will arise, but you will be able to overcome it quite quickly. The production crisis will pass you by, but it will not spare your irresponsible colleagues at work. After they are fired, a number of posts will free up, and one of them will be offered to you, because your level of professionalism will have been noticed. Once you have taken this vacancy, you will face your future with confidence and, weighing up your increased income, you'll decide to get back to the construction of your cottage (or something else requiring expenditure).

Bulls will notice clear progress in financial matters in 2018, but as before, representatives of this sign will have no intention of risking their capital. If you are a business owner, you will decide to deposit everything which presents itself as excess profit in a special bank account. The Dog is highly appreciative of your sustainable attitude towards money (it also treats the sphere of finances in the same way - thoughtfully and seriously). As a reward for your foresightedness, you will receive a large gift from the four-legged ruler of 2018. It will be a promising agreement that you will manage to sign at the end of this annual cycle. For you this agreement will be nothing less than the start of a very profitable collaboration, during which your profit will be truly sizable (this will take place in 2019).

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