2018 Horoscope for Taurus Zodiac Sign

2018 Horoscope Taurus

Astrology forecast for 2018, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. 2018 Horoscope for people born under the Taurus Zodiac sign.

The big change for Taurus this year is on May 15th, when Uranus enters your sign for the first time in eighty-four years, and for many of you this is the first time in your life this has done so. Uranus will bring unpredictability like never before. You will find yourself double guessing and suddenly seeing things through new eyes. The best way to deal with this upheaval is to be relaxed and go with the flow...although that can be very difficult for steady Taurus.

Your continuing search for knowledge and understanding is supported by the two planets, Pluto and Saturn, in your 9th house. Although you have experienced the power of Pluto here for several years, the new part is Saturn, bringing its energy to bear for you now. If you ever felt like going back to college to start or finish a degree, then this is the year to do so.

Friends will continue to be either inspirational or become elusive with the mystical planet Neptune in your 11th house. You can be duped and led astray by well meaning associates. You need to ask yourself if these things truly serve you. If not, then resist them.

Your one-on-one relationships, and any business partnerships, can experience a lucky turn for the most part of this year and then at the end of November Jupiter returns to its own sign of Sagittarius.

The year starts for Taurus with the glimmer of a plan. You may have some ideas that you want to bring into your life for this year. It is a good idea to hash things out before January 21st, after which you can tell others and open up about your ideas. Not everyone will be thrilled with your notions but they will begin to see you in a new light.

The days after February 19th will be spend with friends, and you can make new friends easily now. Bonding with like-minded folk is the way to go this month. Go where people congregate, especially places where they talk about things that actually interest you rather than general get-togethers. Find your tribe, those who speak your language and love what you love.

The Vernal Equinox on March 21st heralds a time for Taureans to take it easy. This is your month for some down time. Now you can retire from life for a while. Don't be out and about or plan big parties as they will fizzle out like a damp sparkler. Rather, go with the universal energy and almost lay fallow so your can recharge and rejuvenate yourself. Spend time getting a massage or in other therapy sessions to soothe your body. If you choose, you can do a twenty-four hour fast or try a cucumber cleanse for optimum physical health.

In April on the 24th, Chiron enters your 12th house which will bring a yearning for understanding and even a deeper look into spiritualism and its healing powers. You may feel compelled to go to the aid of others and step out of your comfort zone or to help someone special in need.

On May 15th, the New Moon is in your sign, and this provides a fresh start for all Taurus people. If this is your birthday or the day before or after, you will reap the benefits for the whole month. This can be in the form of feeling better all around and having a lighter approach to life.

From May 22nd, your money life will become a focus as the stars bring your earnings to light. You can see clearly what you are worth and may feel the urge to make hay while the Sun shines. Be confident that you will be paid what your value is now.

In the summer from June 21st, your life will be more about the other people who are in your area. Your neighbors, brothers and sisters will want your presence at their places. Your local school could ask you to support them and make an appearance. This could be in the form of attending an event or other community discussion instigated by a local celebrity at the venue.

The four weeks that follow July 23rd are when you can spend more time with your family and entertain in your home. Plan a reunion or other get together.

After August 24th, take a break or have some fun with your children or other young people. Celebrate life and appreciate the creativity that you have inside. If you are not normally expressive with color or music then try something new and arty this month.

At the equinox on September 23rd you will have days filled with many activities on your schedule. Getting healthy meals and enough sleep will be a challenge this month because of your crazy appointments. If possible, start the days with meditation or yoga and calm your mind so your body can keep up. Get in the fresh air and walk off the pressure of your intense workload.

From October 5th to November 16th your ruling planet Venus is retrograde and this will be a time in the year to slow things down. Don't plan vacations, home renovations or buy a new car. This is a time to pause and consider your next move. Romances can be a challenge now as your partner will not be feeling the love. The other pain point could be money which will not flow easily for Taureans now. You will still get the cash but after mid November when the restrictions have been lifted. Unions with the love of your life can be engulfing. You can feel stifled now. Make sure to not state and wide reaching decisions about your love life, marriage or announce a separation. Let these days pass and then consider carefully what went down.

After November 23rd the intensity builds for donations either for you or from you. Consider all requests for money and time but choose carefully as what you offer others now may become a regular thing. You can easily set a precedence for giving and that may not be what you really want.

At the last week of December the mood again shifts and you can spend your days planning for the future. You will feel inspired to do more next year and this is the perfect time to mull over your strategy and to broaden your circle or vision in 2019. There is no rush to decide but the process of contemplation will be good for you. Spend New Year's Eve with all your options open.

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will I settle all my Dept, which I have a big among of money to pay,even it going to be 8 years,and I still heaven settle it,did I have a luck to strike lottery....
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will i marry my boyfriend i think hes cheating
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are me and my man going to stay together
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Good hope this will become true
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help me in my money and marriage
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Wow every syllable was true... . Stay out of your head Taurus!! ..and Meditation is one of the major keys to our success

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