2020 Horoscope for Rabbit Zodiac Sign

2020 Horoscope Rabbit

Chinese 2020 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Rabbit, for the 2020 White Metal RAT Year

The 2020 year of the Rat for the Rabbit (for those born in the following years: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)

Contrary to what Oscar Wilde said, in 2020 there is nothing wrong with wanting to be popular and enjoying that popularity once you are. You've had a lifetime with mixed feelings about how popular you are, Rabbit. That's to be expected, given how compassionate you are. After all, you don't want to appear conceited or vain. The stars are shifting in such a way this coming year that you'll need to get comfortable with your popularity fast. In fact, you'll be in a perfect position in 2020 to use that popularity for the greater good. It's going to take a lot of introspection and self-work, but we know you're up to the challenge.

This coming 2020 year of the Rat is a good time to think of yourself as a celebrity. But don't be one of those "always in the tabloids" celebrities who don't do much in life. Aim higher. You are Audrey Hepburn using your fame to highlight important charities. You are Karlie Kloss teaching young girls how to code. You are like some billionaire philanthropist setting up foundations to make the world a better place. That's the attitude you want to have whenever you walk into a room. In fact, pretend that you have all the resources of a benevolent billionaire wherever you go. Now assume that the other people around you recognize that power that's radiating from you. Some may have an issue with it, some will be attracted to it, but the important thing is that everyone sees it and recognizes it. You are going to carry that feeling with you all year long, Yes, it might be a bit ‘fake it until you make it', but what's wrong with that? You're just growing into the role.

You're no doubt coming off of a fabulous New Year's in the first week of January 2020. You'll be the belle of the ball, but you'll soon want to get back to reality. Even if you're not going back to work right away, you'll want to start making plans for what you want to do with your job over the coming year. Have you been circling around the idea of a promotion for a while but been too afraid to broach the subject? Is there something new you've always wanted to do but you haven't known where to start with it? Is it just time to go to greener pastures? Start making that plan in January, even if you don't know exactly what it is. Getting things down on paper will help you start to actualize what you need to do to make them happen. But it's got to start with a list. Your career goals are going to be a preoccupation for the month and that's okay.

Keep a close eye on your health during February and March 2020. Yes, of course, it's cold and flu season (and you should always keep an eye out for those). But this is also prime time for a low-grade health scare to come your way. Don't be alarmed by that. We all face health scares from time to time. But there's always something very good that comes out of them: we act just a little more thoughtful and deliberate about our health (and we actually get to the doctor). What this means for you is during those two months it's a very good time to pay attention to any slight twinge or pain that you notice in your body. You don't have to become a full, raving hypochondriac (and please, just don't become one), but do pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. It's telling you to listen up and to keep listening to it in the days to come. And in the wake of this, rest for a bit. You deserve it.

April 2020 doesn't have to be the cruelest month for you, Rabbit. But it does have to be the one where you have some uncomfortable confrontations with some people in your life. As popular as you are, you have inevitably bruised a couple of people here and there. It's okay, happens to the best of us - and frankly, given the number of people you know, it was going to be inevitable. So don't see these moments as failures in any sense of the word. A failure would be to avoid those crucial conversations. Be the better person and reach the minute you get any sense that someone has an issue or issues with you. Worse comes to worst, you're completely wrong and you're just meeting a friend for coffee. But trust your instincts on this: what you imagine someone is thinking is probably correct. The third week in April is your best time to do this as the stars will have your back. Maybe schedule a few of these around the same days? And remember: let your guard down. No one is attacking you. They just want things to be right with you.

Once you've cleared the air (if there is indeed any shade you need to address), you are ready for all the love that's in that air. May and June 2020 are going to be full of pheromones and hormones coursing around you. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to chase every pretty thing you see on the street. But if you are looking for love, this is the prime time to pursue it. Here's a perfect opportunity to use that "billionaire philanthropist" mentality mentioned earlier. You don't need to pretend you're God's gift to whichever-gender-you-prefer, but approach as if you have the confidence and assurance of a wealthy benefactor. You're more popular than you think, Rabbit. Have the wind of that popularity at your back and trust that whomever you approach is glad to have your company. Even if you're already in a relationship, bring that confidence forward.

Remember those career goals you jotted down in January? Mid-year is good time to go back to that list and see how you're doing. Around the second week of June 2020, your mission is to take a look at how far you've come this year and see how it measures up. If you're way off track, not a problem. It's perfectly reasonable to modify your goals. Maybe your priorities have changed. Or maybe you've discovered a lot about yourself in the first half of this year and your earlier wants don't mesh with your current ones. Whatever is going on, check in on your score and start making plans for the rest of the year. Late June is the perfect time to schedule a meeting with your boss to talk about your future at your company. And if you don't like the results of that meeting, you'll have a lot to do in July.

July 2020 is going to be all about pivoting in new directions. This is going to carry you through until the end of the year. Every area of your life is ready to start moving forward in some new direction. Some might be radical shifts, some just slight turns off-center. You don't need to force these changes, but keep your eyes open for the ground shifting under you. This is fine. Don't panic. That popularity of yours is going to help you out considerably because you have a number of fans who are willing to help you out. You have a team of followers providing you with moral support. You may be basking in confidence these days, but don't think for a moment you're above needing that support. Take it and enjoy it. This period of - let's not say instability, but shifting - will last through November. Just be prepared for it mentally and you'll be fine.

December 2020 is the time to reward the legions of fans you've had for years and have recently acquired. No, you don't need to throw dollar bills off your balcony (feel free if you have the cash to spare, of course). But it is a good time to let people know that their praise and adulation is important to you. This can't be a form email or anything impersonal like that; you need to reach out to everyone that matters in your life and let them know they are important to you. Nothing crazy. Maybe it'll be a little Scrooge on Christmas morning, but even a phone call telling them this will do the trick. You're a popular force on the planet. You got that way because of these people.

While you might not be jetting around the world sipping champagne (but if you are, keep it up, although watching that carbon footprint), in 2020 you have earned the right to act like a benevolent billionaire. That confidence has always been inside of you, Rabbit. Now is just the time to acknowledge it and bask in it. You've always been the shining star among the people around you. You've just been the last one to know it. Embrace it. The time has come for you to dole out your energy like you're Bill Gates giving out grants. And while you are, pretend you're on that private plane.

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