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2022 might come with its challenges here and there. However, as far as health and wellbeing go, things are going to either stay where they are or improve. The 1st quarter is perhaps the best out of the rest of the year for Aries' mental health with Jupiter and Neptune in your 12th house. Venus also makes a quick appearance during the early spring to really get things feeling fresh and rosy. Chances are, you'll start this year feeling like things are going to change for the better, and in many ways, they are. Harness the Jupiterian positivity of this bit of the year to get creative and keep your mind active and imaginative.

One thing this Jupiter transit also brings up, and it must be mentioned (especially given Neptune's copresence), is the idea of addiction. Many discount addiction as a mental health concern, but they go hand in hand, even in astrology. While these planets are all benefic, they might manifest as overindulgent impulses when it comes to the 12th place and feeling good. Especially if you already have Mars or Saturn in your 12th house, this transit might make it a little more difficult to cut down on drinking or quit smoking. Knowing this, if you have been battling against substance dependency, don't let yourself get pessimistic because of a few tumbles here and there. If you're willing to push past this, you can alchemize these planetary energies to work for you. Try your best, and you'll surely achieve the release you've been looking for.

With that said, after Jupiter moves out of the 12th house and goes into Aries' 1st house, things look very positive. Jupiter in the 1st has much more access to delivering his bestowal, so if you fail a couple of times from January to April, your efforts will be much more effective from May onwards. Keep that in mind through the tough times. The same can be said about getting detached from any bad habits. The 12th place deals with self-undoing of all forms.

On a positive note, as far as physical health goes, things look blameless. It's always good to keep a regular exercise routine, but there aren't many transits that seem threatening to that area. With that said, the Mercury retrograde of September could bring up minor upsets to the digestive system. This is mostly only true if you have either Saturn or (especially) Mars in your 6th house. Though, all Aries could benefit from avoiding getting too adventurous with their diet through September.

This year ahead's motto is "effort pays." Not that Aries has to ever worry about getting down to work and showing up for themselves, but 2022 more than ever will show you that if you put in the effort to your vices, whether they're psychoactive or not, will deliver incredible results. If this is your New Years' resolution, know that the 1st few months will be the most challenging, but diligence is your best friend. Good luck with making new habits, Aries!

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