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♈ Aries Money Horoscope 2022

Money and Aries have had quite the relationship for the past few years. With Uranus transiting through your 2nd house, stability and steady increase have been amiss from this area of your life. The complicated thing about this transit is that it's not necessarily one that's bad. For as long as Uranus is in there, there will be waves of massive gain, and considerable loss spread out. Knowing that the key here is to reap the benefits of the positive waves while saving for the next downward trend that comes your way.

In 2022 the Aries financial situation will have a few uncertain moments, but they won't come with those other moments of prosperity. The best advice for this year would be to be mindful of the commitments you make with others. Especially if someone is starting a business and asking for your services, try to keep some distance, just in case. If you get to wrapped around in their endeavours, their successes might be yours, but so are their failures. Especially if you're approximately 29-30 years old, take what you can, but keep your distance.

Around Springtime, the profit potential is there, but it may come only through some unassisted hard work. This is especially true for those of you who were born at night and have Venus in the 12th house. Get ready to buckle up and get to business, the road there might be rocky, to say the least, but the results will definitely pay up for the challenges along the way. With that being said, it would be wise to stay away from substances at around that month due to Neptune's influence. You may end up spending too much money on ways to escape reality as a reward, but that may end up eating away a lot of your profit.

Later in the year, when Venus enters your 2nd house, inviting that cash flow may be a little easier. Venus and the North Node will be conjunct around June. This transit is incredibly productive for the night births but proceeds with caution. This upward flow of money may either come with complications or be somewhat unstable. There's a chance for it to be a one-time gig. It would be wise to invest or save some of it for a time of need. The Aries who were born during the day should be even wiser with how they spend those gains.

Considering all of these transits, 2022 looks like it's a year for the Aries to proceed with caution. The room for profit is definitely there, but external conditions may make it unstable. As much as it may seem scary, don't be discouraged; just be prepared. Be smart about the people you make associates with. And if you already share a business with somebody, get ready for some number crunching. You'll have more than one opportunity to set yourself up for success. Maybe just leave some of the more expensive purchases and investments for later. Play it safe, and it will all work out in the end.

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