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Career matters might've been a bit challenging for the past few years as Pluto has been transiting through your 10th house. While this doesn't always pose major complications, Aries Sun and Rising individuals were definitely one of those more afflicted by the pandemic of 2020. Whereas there's room for this plutonic effect to have worked for the better, needless to say, there's a significant difference in your career and how you view your idea of purpose from before the event to now.

I'm sure by now you can't wait for Pluto to peace out of your 10th house, but for now, there's still a few years of getting used to that mysterious looming force from beyond our naked eyes' visibility range. For the most part, the good news is the most challenging moment of the year in regards to making advancements in one's workplace or public life in January. This is the month of the Venus retrograde, which is notorious for making collaborations almost impossible. If you're a boss, this might be a time to address some power imbalances in the workplace. Check who's doing too much and who's doing too little and make needed changes. However, if you're in a subordinate role, this is a good time to ask yourself those questions. If you're feeling like you're not getting adequately rewarded, it may not be the best time to address it, but a good time to think about it and make a plan.

On a more positive note, the Jupiter ingress into your 1st house in mid-may might have some quite positive significations. This is especially true for the Aries born during the day and those of you who have either Venus or Jupiter in Capricorn. The secret to getting the best out of this transit is to be your authentic self. If you've been trying to move up in your field, you may find that in 2022 things are going to be much simpler than you first envisioned them. From May onwards, you might find that your natural skills will be put to exemplary work. Just do what you know you do best, and, for the most part, you will be just fine.

A word of advice, since Saturn is the ruler of your 10th house, there are a few things that you might want to pay attention to. This is especially true if you were born at night and if you are 21, 33, 45, or 57. The last Uranus and Saturn square happening between your 11th, and 2nd house can make things a little shaky and unstable. Watch out for in-fighting in the workplace and try your best to avoid drama. Conflicts could surprisingly end up escalating, especially those involving superiors. You don't want to get caught up on something you didn't start. If you did start it, or if you are the boss, in this case, you may need to make quick decisions to move forward. There's a chance, someone may need to be let go, for better or for worse.

With that less than pleasant advice out of the way, this will be the most challenging aspect of the year to end on a good note. After you're through with it, things will go a lot smoother. Just remember to stay impartial.

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