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For the Leos out there, keeping up with a consistently healthy diet, exercising, or even just tending to some pre-existing health issues might've been less than a walk in the park. With Pluto slowly transiting through your 6th house, every time any planet hits that place, it seems like the whole Universe is conspiring against your body and wellbeing. Especially with the pandemic of 2020-21, Leo ascendant people have been one of the signs most affected by the ordeal in one way or another. Now that Saturn has been out of the way for a while, things have been feeling a lot better, and they will continue to improve. Even more so when you consider that the ingress of Jupiter in your 9th house later in the year, contributes to soothing the scary dwarf planet for most of the year in a very tangible way.

Jupiter is Leo's saving grace all year long. In the first quarter, the Great Benefic will be slowly transiting through your 8th house. This is the place of other people's resources. If you've been trying to start exercising or touch up your diet, you may get support from someone you know and knows best. This could even be your partner if you're partnered. If you've been recovering from some sort of ailment, you could be receiving a discount or some money on health-related bills. Either way, as subtle as this transit might be, you will see positive results that help you advance on your journey towards a healthier body.

In May, the most giant planet in our solar system moves on to your 9th house. Here this grandiose benefactor has much more influence over health issues. Interestingly the 9th house is the house of faith and spirituality. This could prove to be beneficial for mental illness and connecting to a higher power. But the focus of this place is on higher knowledge and foreign things. This could mean you either meet someone or go somewhere to learn valuable information to help you get fit and healthy. As far as 2022 goes, Pluto has little to no say in your healthy life. Jupiter will get you covered in all sorts of ways.

Though sometimes it will be more challenging than others, and Jupiter might have to work a little harder. A transit to pay attention to is the Mars and Pluto square of July 1st. While Jupiter is not rendered useless, this transit can sometimes cause upsets in the bodies of travellers. If you're going on a trip around that time, be extra careful, and don't do anything too risky, that could cause you to break a bone. Also, always a piece of good trip advice, avoid the sketchy food truck of a random city you've never been to. If it looks questionable, it is.

2022 out of the past Plutonian year for Leo is one of the better years for health and wellness. There's some actual room for improvement, and if you're not playing it risky at the wrong times, nothing can stop you. Good luck, Leo!

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