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To summarize the work-life of Leo in 2022 in one word, I'd use: hectic. For better or for worse, 2022 will be a hyperactive and, at times, even unstable year. The best thing to do is to get ready for business and fake it until you make it. With the North Node and Uranus transiting through your 10th house, you might feel the push toward some radical, long-term changes. This somewhat manic career episode can come packed with a few moments of inexperience and hubris. The two primary skills you'll need to practice are flexibility and being humble. Try to learn from who knows best, and you'll do just fine.

Throughout the year, you might continue to divide your attention between your work life and romance. Saturn and Uranus continue to transit through your 7th and 10th house, respectively, making a compelling dynamic between these two areas of your life. The eclipse season of May and November could cause some significant shake-ups in those areas, especially career. You might have to make a choice between focusing on romance/family or your work life.

As we get closer to June, things could pick up considerably with the presence of Venus in the 10th house. Especially for the Leos born at night, this can come in the shape of indispensable opportunities for growth and material gain in your field. With Jupiter also making a year-long transit through your 9th house, you may even have to travel to chase this opportunity. Alternatively, this whole situation could manifest wholly reversed. You might have to move or go on a trip with your significant other that hinders your career in some way. Remember that no choice is wrong, and go with your gut. Since both Venus and Jupiter are the two planets witnessing this whole ordeal, the outcome will most likely be positive—as much as it might be so in unpredictable ways.

With that said, June and July will be the more active months as far as career is concerned. Mercury entering your 11th house can be positive for business exchanges and negotiations. Still, you certainly want to wait for the Mercury retrograde to end on June 2nd before doing any of that.

For the rest of the year, the two astrological events you want to pay attention to are the last Saturn and Uranus square and the eclipses of November (especially the Lunar eclipse). From October to November, questionable situations might arise. Don't let the stress discourage you. Things might start to seem like they're going to crumble, but just keep consistent, and things will look up shortly after. Avoid doing any severe business around those times if possible. On top of the whole Saturn ordeal, Mercury will also be retrograde, making accounting and things of the kind nebulous and confusing. Know these two months are a write-off, and if you need to go on a short vacation to distract yourself from the work jitters, go for it.

Know that in 2022, there won't be a shortage of speed. Be ready for change, and don't become pessimistic if you tumble here and there. You got this, Leo!

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