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♌ Leo Money Horoscope 2022

Money and Leo have had an okay relationship for the past few years. Nothing too bad, but also nothing glorious came your way. However, 2022 might be the year for some great blessings. The secret to tapping into those will be to work with other people. This is a year that if you go at it by yourself, you'll only get mediocre results. The spirit of the year is that of collaboration and management. Just because you're working with somebody doesn't mean you don't get to shine, like the Leo you are.

The major blessing for the year comes in the earlier quarter as Jupiter transits through your 8th house in Pisces. There's a wide range of manifestations that could come out of this transit, all of them which are primarily favourable. Bill will get paid, but you may not feel so confident as you go through it. The 8th house deals with other people's money, so maybe your partner will be getting a raise, or you'll receive a loan. The lack of confidence may come both from Neptune, which can make situations a little murky. Almost as if planning how to spend the newly acquired money is the biggest obstacle. Either way, try not to let any anxieties take over and enjoy the blessings—even if they feel like they're coming second hand.

Another transit to pay attention to is the Mercury Retrograde of May. This may not be affecting your finances directly, but it's always best to stay on the safe side. The Leos with any planets in your second house should pay even closer attention to it. The retrograde can make communications with business affiliates, coworkers, and even friends a little complicated. If you work for a big corporation, try not to make any new agreements or commitments at around that time. Chances are, things could get complicated, and you may end up losing an opportunity to make money elsewhere. Take the month as a reset, readjust your budget, look for anything that can be cut out of your expenses, and get ready for the future.

At around September, there may be an upward flow of money. This is mostly true to the Leos born during the night since Venus will be ingressing into your 2nd house. She brings material resources and abundance, but one that is earned through calculated measures. This ingress is still followed by a Mercury retrograde, so as prosperous as it may be, it could come with some complications. It may be something that requires a lot of brainpower to be achieved. Don't be too discouraged if it feels like a missed opportunity. It might transform into something profitable later.

With all of that in mind, 2022 looks like a year that is primarily positive for Leo's financial life. This year may still have some challenges and disturbances, but it's one that ultimately challenges you to prepare you for the future. As long as you're willing to work with others and let go of pride to ask for help when needed, you'll be just fine. Abundance is always just around the corner. You just have to know where to look for it.

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