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The Leo and Love combo has been less than graceful for the past few years. Ever since December of 2020, Saturn has been transiting through your 7th house, and that can make romance rather cold for a while. While you still have another year of Saturn goodness happening throughout the year, there are a few pockets of auspicious transits that can bring some light to your love life. Still, whether you are single or already in a romantic relationship, it would be wise to take things easy, tend to the kinks when both loving yourself and others are concerned rather than expecting some miraculous oscar worthy romance. Not all is lost, but being realistic allows you to maximize success this year.

The highlight of romantic prosperity this year is for those who are already coupled. Having Jupiter transiting through your 8th house can be rather propitious when it comes to your lover's finances. Saturn in the 7th can slow down significant advancements, but the Jupiter transit can help remediate some of the challenges brought upon by the Great Malefic. With that being said, this can also signify that your partner may be more focused on achieving their goals rather than good old fashion romance. This is when you have to take matters into your own hands and bring anything up to them if you're feeling neglected. Chances are they don't even realize what they're doing, and healthy communication allows for the both of you to take advantage of that financial prosperity together. Saturn in your 7th house is all about breaking through limitations in your love life, so don't be afraid to be assertive and tell them what you need. In other words, don't expect them to ask.

While this Jupiter transit may not be as powerful for the single Leos, you still will get some Jovian blessings. They may just come differently. While this may seem discouraging initially, your focus should really be the Saturn transit.

Saturn in the 7th house for the single Leos means one thing: focus on the long run. You may be reaching a time where small summer flings just won't do it anymore. Aquarius has a very problem-solving-oriented attitude, so while Saturn is transiting through his own sign, you may need to focus on figuring out why you're still single. Ask yourself the tough questions and try to determine if you've been placing limitations for yourself where there doesn't need to be one. One keyword that comes with Saturn is fear. This transit could be pointing towards a fear of commitment that, while subconscious, may have some real tangible consequences. This could even apply to those of you in a relationship already waiting to take things to the next level. The question of the year is: What am I afraid of in a relationship? Chances are, until you find the answer to that question, manifesting the knight or princess of your dreams will have to wait.

Another transit that is also noteworthy is the last Saturn and Uranus square. This transit will come to shake things up. Especially if you were born during the night, this could be a time for some work-related romantic escapades. While this doesn't apply to everyone, of course, there's a good chance of you sparking the interest of someone in a position of power. While this can be quite the exhilarating love adventure, beware of the risks it could present. This scenario can be more fun for those born during the day than troublesome, but the night babies should definitely beware of this transit happening in October.

If you're in a committed relationship and dating your boss seems way off —it was a metaphor after all— this transit can be pointing towards some imbalances between your work and partner. There's a chance you may be asked to make choices on some level. This can be a challenging one, but it's still a transit that ultimately is here to challenge your priorities. Be gentle, and all will be well.

If 2022 sounds like a soap-opera, don't be too alarmed. These scenarios are only what's likely to happen, and you still have a say on how things play out. The important thing here is to be aware that 2022 is a year for relational work. It may not be fun, but everyone has to go through this period at least once in their lives. With that said, don't worry. Nothing is permanent.

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