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Whenever you see astrology memes on the internet about Libra, people often focus on the relational aspect of the sing. Though, a thing that's often overlooked is that this sign has an intrinsic connection to poisons since traditionally, Venus, the ruler of your sign, is said to be the lady of poisons.

When we speak of poisons, though, this can be as wild as radioactive materials or as mundane as a good old glass of wine. And it's for that reason that Libra's more often than not deal with balancing out recreational substance consumption. And this is a topic that's likely to become a lot more heightened this year, and the next since Saturn, the planet of boundaries and restrictions, enters your 6th house of health this year. And in addition to that, Jupiter, who's the planet responsible for that house, will also be in the 8th place of transformation. When we put this planetary soup together, one thing is certain: 2023 is about healing bad habits.

Saturn transiting through the 6th house is for sure not the easiest of transits. Not only does the 6th house already embody a sense of toil, but Saturn also goes hand in hand with these significations. And because this house and your sign are both under the responsibility of the planets of good fortune (Jupiter and Venus), what we can expect is for this year to push to see the "good and exciting" things in your life that might not necessarily be healthy on your body.

This transit can be especially difficult for those of you born at night, with Saturn asking a greater degree of responsibility from you. Due to the ringed planet's slow nature, this is likely to be something that's been bothering you for a long time but gets aggravated during this transit. Because Saturn won't ingress into this place until early March, you do have some time to get prepared, though.

If you are 29, 41, 53, or 65, you'll want to pay extra attention to this transit and will also want to make a plan of action to ensure you drop any health threatening habits. When it comes to quitting a vice, the days after Full Moons are always best, and this year you actually have a tremendous astrological opportunity to do so right before the Saturn ingress into your 6th house. This would be the 9th of March, a couple of hours after sunset. That would be around 8:55 PM. So get ready to set your intentions.

While some of this might've sounded scary, it's important to note that Jupiter will be supporting Saturn through most of the year, so these issues have a certain degree of mitigation. Still, having the support only means that your efforts will be met with positive results more quickly. So be sure to work on making sure your body is healthy and active. Saturn is usually associated with idleness, so nothing is the last thing you want to do. You got this, Libra. This is the year for you to quit that bad habit!

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