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Libra's career is ruled by the Moon. Because this is the astrological planet of flexibility and changeability, whenever that particular area of your chart gets triggered, we can expect many ups and downs. While career and occupation are almost always a point of focus in everyone's life, every 12 years starting from as early as age 9, has a little bit of an extra flair of wondering what your purpose and occupations should be. With that said, if you are 21, 33, 45, 57 or 69, this year is perhaps pivotal in your career development.

Because the Moon moves so quickly, she can be somewhat unreliable whenever we try to delineate what could happen in a given year. With that said, the way we work around this fast pace is by looking at the Nodes of the Moon that only change houses every 18 months and also show us where the Lunar and Solar eclipses will be happening in a given year.

In 2023, the Nodes will spend most of their time in your 2nd and 8th house, which are intrinsically related to your career. Although both of these places are more so connected with your earnings and expenses.

The South Node usually symbolizes decrease. Because it will be transiting through your 2nd house of resources, this can signal the diminishing of particular luxuries, perhaps related to changes in the workplace. It could be that some of you have lost your jobs recently or that there's a change in an occupation that can be somewhat stressful. Readjusting to the new budget is sure to be a point of fixation, but you'll have to work hard at taming the need for stability and certainty to work your problem-solving skills.

While this transit can be somewhat stressful, the thing with the South Node is that the more we fight the change, the more it fights back. So the best thing to do here is to look for new opportunities that will yield better results in the year ahead. Usually, these transits come around to show us that settling for what's known and comfortable can sometimes cause more harm than good. So take this is as an opportunity to go back in time in your memories and revisit ideas that you brushed to the side for the sake of luxury and comfort. Especially if this transit brings about a change of jobs, you want to make sure that the new one is in complete alignment with what you're passionate about. You don't want this cycle to repeat itself in the future.

With that out of the way, this is not the only manifestation of this eclipse cycle, and this is because when we address the South Node, we always have to look at the North Node as well.

The North Node this year will be in Libra's 8th house. This is usually the house we find transformation and change, but usually the uncomfortable kind. But beyond that, this is also the place of other people's resources and collaboration. And this is probably because whenever we go through transformative moments, we have to turn to our allies for support. Knowing that the key to Libra's workplace success this year is to let go of your own goals and aspirations and try to help others achieve their dreams. Through that journey, you'll learn many things that you can take with you to the next phase of your career. Sometimes, we help ourselves the most when we let go of ambition and seek to be of service.

2023 is a bit of a stressful year when it comes to career. But this is just a sign that you have to surrender to the tides and let them take you wherever it is that they need to take you. You may be committed to an idea or goal, but it could very well be that the universe has something else in store for you. So relax, go with the flow, and simply trust that at the end of this cycle, there's new uncharted land for you to explore.

Good Luck, Libra! You have everything you need to conquer this beast.

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