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Libra, as the scales, inherently knows a thing or two about trade and commerce. So when it comes to money, this is a sign that usually knows just the right balance between saving and spending.

However, last year ended on quite a sad note, with Mars, the planet responsible for your finances, going retrograde along with Mercury, the natural significator of all things involving money and trade. Which consequently can manifest more expenses than earnings. This is especially true if you are 25, 37, 49 or 61 and if you were born during the day.

Some of this, unfortunately, spills over the beginning of 2023, though it doesn't last for a very long time since, by the end of March, Mars will be through with his retrograde cycle shenanigans, opening up the way for things to smooth out a little. Still, once the red planet leaves his retrograde sign, it will enter your 10th house, where he's said to be in his Fall.

Because the 10th house is related to career, this can point to budget cuts at work. And especially if you are the boss in your workplace, this can point to difficult decisions. While this can mean anything from changing to a cheaper brand of office coffee, this transit is notorious for targetting areas of comfort and luxuries that might be nice to have but aren't entirely necessary. On the other hand, if you aren't the boss, this transit can also signify fewer hours at work (if you work on the clock), consequently leading to a short period of scarcity.

Now, I know this all seems scary, but it's nothing that some good old budgeting won't solve. The key here is to avoid Mars' desirous impulses and only make purchases that have a value that goes beyond mere entertainment.

And though this might feel like it's a long wait, 2023 is still a long year. It starts off a bit rocky, but things take a significant shift as soon as we get to October, setting you up for quite a successful 2024. With that in mind, the paucity of the earlier half of the year is only here to hone in your pre-existing commercial skills. Because whenever there's more money in the pocket, the responsibility to multiply it is sure to be felt.

When I say October is here to take a turn for the better, this is no understatement. Mars gets rather busy this month and goes through a typical 0 to hero story.

The first and most important part of this month is when Mars enters your 2nd house. This is important because since Mars is responsible for that house in your chart, he'll have full power to do his job correctly. In the Libra chart, Mars has the ability to transform difficult situations into new opportunities. And especially if you were born at night, this is a time where you can come into contact with critical masculine figures who will teach you how to transform debt into profit in rather unorthodox ways.

Moreover, since Mars stays in a sign for around 2 months, November is also rather promising since Mars in this sign will also conjoin the Sun. Whenever planets conjoin the Sun, they have the energies of a New Moon, so you can think of this as a "New Mars." Here he becomes more active and potent, and since the Sun in your chart is responsible for your 11th house of groups and alliances, you can expect further help from friends and coworkers to get you out of the early year rut you found yourself in. From here on out, things are only looking up.

2023 sure seems like it starts a little rough for Libra's bank account. But if you're willing to hold on and wait for the tides to change, things are sure to make a turn for the better. Your mantra this year should be "this too shall pass" because it most certainly will. Good luck, Libra! You've got just what it takes to overcome these difficulties.

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