2015 Good & Bad days Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2015 Good & Bad days Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Good & Bad days Horoscope 2015 for the year of the Green Wood Ram

Gemini, be prepared to make your dreams come true in 2015! You'll have many factors on your side this coming year. First, we see that Uranus will be in Aries and your dreams sector throughout the last half of the year, from July 25 until Christmas. And, not only that, but the eclipses will have a major impact on your dreams as well. The solar eclipse occurring on March 20 will fall in your dreams sector around the same time Mars will be there, so expect to be pursuing a dream that you have been thinking about unexpectedly! As solar eclipses go, even if there isn't a dream that you've been thinking about currently, you could very well see a pursuing opportunity fall right into your lap. Remember to not waste this time, as later on in the year, this dream could very well become a reality, thanks to our lunar eclipse occurring around September 28. This will be a total surprise for you, but don't worry, you will enjoy it very much. Now, while your dreams are the highlight of this year, remember that you will have to go through some bad days to get to the good ones. Expect to feel extremely thrown off throughout the months of May and June, especially in the middle of both months, the end of May, and the beginning of June. Mercury, your ruler planet, will go completely retrograde around this time, and you'll feel every bit of this. Anything that can go wrong for you, will. So, by preparing yourself and knowing when this event will occur, you'll get through this tough time fairly unscathed. Patience is truly a virtue at this time as well. As if June wasn't going to be a hard month as it is with Mercury's retrograde, we'll see the beginning of a Neptune square in Pisces, which will be at a sharp angle to your sign around the 11th. Be prepared to feel very vulnerable, and having trouble understanding the reality of a current situation. Daydreaming will be a big problem for you around this time, and you'll have a hard time stopping. Fear could also grab at you at various times this year, and without warning, so be on the lookout, and find a safe outlet for these feelings.

The year starts off in January on a bit of a rough edge for you, Gemini. The promise of a fresh new year may not be going as well as you would have hoped. You'll have the strong urge to just run away from your problems and never look back, but of course, we all know that this isn't possible. Your negative attitude at this time will affect you big time, and reminding yourself that this situation is only temporary will help you feel a bit better. Put a smile on that face and carry on! The beginning of January could be the hardest points of this month, and by the end, you should be feeling like your old self again!

February comes, and you'll be feeling sentimental-about your future, that is. You'll feel fully in charge of your life and how you live it, so make sure that you stay focused and don't let your emotions come into play too much when it comes to your future. Thinking it through is key here, and making sure to not fully charge into a decision will also be important at this time. This may be a foreshadowing to the big eclipse events for you. Be happy, Gemini! The end of the month will be your biggest time to focus on your future, appropriate because of the solar eclipse at the end of March.

Feeling like you're in a rut? March will have you craving for something new. Thankfully, you have that solar eclipse to look forward to on the 20th! Going full-fledge towards your dreams is one way to break out of the mundane and go for something new. You want to jump into something completely different than what you're used to, and it'll feel refreshing to act on this feeling. But, just be careful-you don't want to bite off more than you can chew!

Unfortunately, March's energy won't last, and April will make you feel annoyed constantly, at everything, with everyone. But, the truth is, it could just all be in your head. Be careful to not get irritated with the wrong person and telling them off for, really, no reason. This could get you in some trouble that's not easy to come out of. While you just want to be alone this month, you know that isn't possible, so when you have to be around people, try to zone them out, unless it's important, then remind yourself to not get too annoyed. The key to getting through this tough time is not letting your emotions bottle up inside you. Write them down in a journal, or partake in a physical activity that will get your mind off things. Venus being in your sign on April 11 will lead to an emotional response to these feelings. Focusing on your well-being, a key characteristic of Venus, is key at this time.

May doesn't seem to help you at all, and you'll possibly feel worse this month. Because of Mercury's retrograde fully throwing you off for the majority of the month, you'll feel like you can't do anything right. Everything in your world is totally messed up this month thanks to backwards Mercury, and it'll make you want to freak out. But, try to resist the urge, as it'll only make things worse. The best thing is to take a deep breath and focus on everything day by day. And remember, just like the beginning of the year, this won't last, so tell yourself to hold on until this rough patch is over.

Mercury's retrograde finally ends in June, and it'll be like a breath of fresh air. Now's the time to make what you want happen, you may not get a better chance this year! Be a go-getter this month, Gemini, because this is the perfect time to make it happen! Naturally, the end of the retrograde, around the middle of this month, will be the best time to shoot for the stars!

June's energy and positive attitude carry on into July, where you will feel like you could take on the world! Confidence is your best friend this month, and you feel like you've got the world at your fingertips. However, learn the difference between being confident and being cocky, because if you get too cocky, your energy will quickly fade. Uranus' movement into your dream sector on the 25th will help you reach for the stars, and knowing your limits will be key here too. You can do anything you put your mind to!

In August, you find your surroundings to be a bit on the dull side. You may feel like partaking in some interior decorating in your home, or even in your office/cubicle. Or, for the more ambitious Gemini out there, you may even feel like packing everything and moving on to new surroundings. That, however, may be a bit more than you can chew. Just sticking to rearranging some furniture will still be right up your alley this month. Look to get into the decorating spirit around the beginning of this month.

They say that good things come to those who wait, and Gemini, that time is now for you! Although the beginning of the month may be slightly annoying to you, September shows that patience is a virtue! Those dreams that fell into your lap earlier this year? Be prepared for them to become reality with the lunar eclipse on the 28th! But, you must get through the rest of September first. Those who are close to you may cause some drama, or at least you think they are. It's very possible that, yes, it's all in your head. Try to remember that, so you don't freak out or do anything drastic.

October will bring you to an evaluative state in your life. Your relationships will get a big overhaul, and you'll really begin to wonder what the meaning is to them. Your expectations of certain people will show that, unfortunately, you're not getting what you could out of these relationships. It may be time to move on with some people, and maybe tone down your relationship with others. It will seem very harsh for you, but it needs to be done, and deep down, you know it. Because of the lunar eclipse, which is bringing a bit of a depressing air in the beginning of October, the ending of relationships makes sense at this time.

In November, you'll be looking to get away from everything. Life has not been all that great for you lately, save a couple events, and you feel like you need to run away. The best time for a mini vacation from life will be the end of this month, right in time for the beginning of the holiday season! Your psyche will be very thankful for this rest and relaxation time, and you'll feel much better afterward.

December is usually a time or gathering around the ones you love, and fully focus on the season. But, not for you, Gemini. Obsession is the key word this month, and you can't even pinpoint what you're obsessed with. It's on the tip of your tongue, but you can't bring it full circle, so until then, you just keep thinking about it and focusing solely on...whatever this is. Unfortunately, this means you'll be missing out on everything else going on right now, so maybe you should perk your head up and keep an eye out for your surroundings. After all, what you're obsessed with more than likely doesn't matter anyway.

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