2015 Gemini Health Horoscope

2015 health horoscope for gemini
During 2015 Geminiís good health could be envied; however, the Twins shouldnít relax just yet. In a course of previous years youíve accumulated a whole array of chronic conditions some of which are still ongoing. This is exactly what stars recommend you focus on during the period of mid-June-mid-September when old illnesses may surface. Youíll be able to find specialists and have all prescribed procedures done which will let you forget for years to come about the health issues that have been tormenting you lately. The Twins should pay special attention to unconventional treatments such as the procedures involving leaches, bees, right breathing technics, etc. You are recommended to stay away from needle and massage therapists (except for classic massage) and low currency electric devices used for medical purposes.

You should be particularly careful when solving dental problems: during 2015 donít have any procedures associated with prosthetics and dental surgeries except for emergencies.

Several periods in 2015 can be distinguished when Geminiís health will be vulnerable:

April 1-May 12. During this time your overall wellbeing will worsen. In view of weakened immune system you may end up with sore throat, upper respiratory tract problems and issues with a thyroid. Even a touch of a runny nose will be enough to ruin your life. Donít treat yourself; itís better to turn to a specialist for help no matter how sceptical you may feel about it.

August 9-September 25. During this time you may experience health problems due to the overall fatigue caused by high stress. You should spend less time on work and more time on your health. During this time you should keep an eye on your cardiovascular system; there may be some blood pressure issues and your heart may act up a bit. Stimulating drinks such as tea, coffee and alcohol are not recommended. Neither are spicy fatty foods. The gallbladderís functions will be somewhat weakened during this time. You may even have to take some enzymes in order to restore your bodyís functions to normal.

In the period between April 12 and June 5 it is recommended that you focus on aesthetic side of you. If you want, you may improve your appearance by means of permanent makeup, piercing and lifting of various kinds.

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