2015 Horoscope for Taurus Zodiac Sign

2015 Horoscope Taurus

Astrology forecast for 2015, the year of the Green Wood Ram. 2015 Horoscope for people born under the Taurus Zodiac sign.

In all times people wanted to comprehend the sense of life!

Some hoped to do so through religion; some were seeking it in love or creative self-expression, but... as if mystical forces would have it, the sense of a man's very being would always be beyond our reach. Despite all the efforts, this illusive notion would prove too unstable to be defined within static boundaries of human moral. Even when someone thought they were finally able to get it, the very next moment they would realize how worthless their attempts were to embrace something that was beyond our cognitive abilities. It is what it is. And for some unknown for us, simple "beings", reasons, the horoscope for 2015 points at the fact that , among all other Zodiacs, Taurus will be the one to look for the meaning of life. Yes, it will be the Bulls who in 2015 will have to make another attempt at trying to understand themselves, the world around them and their place under the son. Getting to the bottom of it all - this is what will be the highlight of Taurus horoscope for 2015. In 2015 there will certainly be many events in your life that won't have any direct relevance to what we have just been discussing, but you will still keep coming back to this subject matter in everything you do or plan or devise in the course of the year. All 2015 long Taurus will be seeking, finding, losing and making yet another attempt to discover that single right particle, hidden meaning, its own holy grail capable of transforming its life into something different; something that is still beyond your comprehension! Do you think you'll be able to do it? Will you be allowed to be heard by heavens this time? Why indeed does it have to be so complicated?

It must be said that matters of higher existence have always be of interests for somewhat exalted Taurus, but life goes on and if, as they say, devil is in the detail, we should look at other aspects of 2015. It should also be noted that apart from eternal searching which is innately characteristic of your sign, the year of 2015 will produce mixed results in various spheres of your life.

In the first half of 2015 you will be able to note that slow pace and steady rhythm of life are so comfortable that you'll be ready to stay like this forever. If possible, be sure to grab an opportunity and have a proper rest, go to the resort, to the country to visit your old folks or anywhere else really - the important thing is not to stay in the city. By going away, not only will you clear your mind, but be able to avoid some conflict situations that might arise at home. Moreover, soon you won't have any chance to rest at all: events of the first spring months will require your direct involvement and the situation will be so intense that idleness will be the last thing on your mind.

Many Taurus will solve their ill-fated housing problem in the course of 2015. Those of you who don't have your own home will have a chance to buy one. If, however, you are already a lucky owner or a piece of property, you will feel like improving it. You may end up moving to a larger home or start ambitious renovation. You will want to better your home and make it even more comfortable and beautiful. Large acquisitions for your home as well as large spending on the renovation that you will most likely spare no expense on are probable. Keep in mind that you shouldn't keep old things, outdated furniture and everything else you don't use. You'll have a chance to buy new things as soon as you make room for them after throwing out everything old and useless.

In the summer of 2015 when Saturn decides to shift into the Zodiac of Scorpio for some months, Taurus' enthusiasm may subside. This won't be for long, though. Moreover, if during summer months old problems resurface, this will only signify that you must finalize unfinished business. If you choose to leave it as is, the chances are several years down the road they may give you one big headache. During summer do your best to get rid of everything obsolete and in need of being utilized. Even if it's something dear to your heart; some old relationship; even if it's a small debt you owe to your friend; or the responsibility or a secret you swore to keep. In other words, if, dear Bulls, there is something in your life that makes you feel uneasy and doesn't allow you to advance any further, do your best to get rid of the poison that spoils your life and wouldn't let you build your Destiny. It will certainly be difficult both mentally and physically. And what did you expect? It is easy to acquire negative stuff - it sticks to you on its own as if it were a clinging burr. This is not surprising since by sharing their problems with you, others make things easier for themselves. The Chinese say, "Remember: there are always at least three persons next to you ready to share their troubles". But, as soon as you make a final decision that you've had enough of carrying someone's burden for them, you'll instantly feel as if the heavy load of responsibility was removed from your shoulders and you can breathe easier - you now can move along.

During the remaining months of 2015 the Bulls will be handling issues associated with finances, mortgages and loans. You may find yourself in a situation of not being able to afford something you'd want. Moreover, it'll be problematic to borrow money since in order to get a loan you'd have to make considerable effort, file all kinds of paperwork and what's most important get mentally ready for those long payments with your hard-earned money.

Rejoice if you are free from the idea of buying something in credit! In this case the end of 2015 will be even-paced without any hysteria and significant turmoil. Things will be typical: work, family and festive hustle.

Additional Information for 2015 Taurus Horoscope

The Taurus born in between April 26 and April 30 may notice that their interest in creative activities has increased. Those of you who in one way or another have something to do with the sphere of art and creativity will be able to create your main masterpieces during 2015. The Bulls who never had any creative side to them may suddenly show interest in music, photography, arts and crafts. You will feel like expressing yourself in something unique and creating something with your own hands. Go for it! You may be full of creative potential worthy of a musician, artist or designer and you have all chances to use it to its fullest.

Those of you who are born in the period of May 4-12 will notice their heightened interest in other people. Single Bulls will have a wonderful opportunity to get married. And those who are already sharing Hymeneaus' ties will notice their increased interest in their spouse. Love second time around? Why not! Maybe it is time to think of having an ankle biter? Why not!

The Taurus born in the period of May 3 and May 6 will have to take it for everyone in 2015! Your horoscope for 2015 is simply bursting with various events - this just goes to show that drastic changes will be introduced into your immediate surrounding and you'll have a unique opportunity to introduce equally unique positive changes into your life. This year you may realize that you are no longer happy with the life you've been living so far. Moreover, this moment of realization can be considered a point of no return: everything that happens afterwards will be irreversible. However, Destiny as always has got a carrot-and-stick trap prepared for you. You must consider the fact that if you don't feel like changing a thing in your life, life may do it for you. To put it in simpler words, life can make you change! This time, though, changes will be clearly forced upon you - you will find it hard to adjust to the changes that you didn't initiate and all 2015 long, similar to a downtrodden horse, you will be trying to catch up with yesterday which was hopelessly lost for good.

2015 doesn't have any "special" surprises for the rest of you with the exception of the forecast in the main part of 2015 Taurus horoscope.

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Comments: 2015 Horoscope Taurus

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All Bull 2015-09-02 06:22:58
2015 has been the worst year of my life. Born on the 10th. Married 25 years to a Sag - its a love hate relationship full of 20 years of fighting. Everything that could go wrong has - work, marriage, finances - all down the tubes. I hope I survive the year!
Cat 2015-11-23 07:38:43
Been dating a Sag for some years. Was trying to decide if I should move on. I've already put distance. The constant fighting is draining. The distance has already helped
Jen 2015-10-14 21:22:25
I dated a SAG for 10 years. Trust me no good can come from that. Signs naturally repel each other. Sag will never compromise and Taurus are too stubborn to realize this. Move on its for the best. Trust a fellow Taurus!
betrayed 2015-07-25 08:43:35
A more accurate prediction for Taureans born unfortunately on the 4th of May does not exist. Married to a Libran is the worst combination for a Taurean in 2015. I have been married for 30 years only to be told 6 months ago that he does not love me anymore, whereas I do....Even if I want to keep things together, life is doing it for me as written above. Other Taureans please do not complain. Be happy you are not in my shoes. I pray I can survive the worst year of my entire life.
Rex 2015-08-02 02:34:41
Message from betrayed
A more accurate prediction for Taureans born unfortunately on the 4th of May does not exist. Married to a Libran is the worst combination for a Taurean in 2015. I have been married for 30 years only to be told 6 months ago that he does not love me anymore, whereas I do....Even if I want to keep things together, life is doing it for me as written above. Other Taureans please do not complain. Be happy you are not in my shoes. I pray I can survive the worst year of my entire life.

Going through same...taurean woman married 21 yrs , divorce papers handed by gemini husband. Hates being tied down according to him. Strongs to you...
Mick 2015-07-27 21:14:49
Join the bandwagon
Taurean male married to libran female.
Very bad issues beyond repair
Petty stuff blown in an avalanche since 2012
Dated another libran girl since , same issue
Quite strange is that i am attracting all air signs
Gemini after that
Same shit
I try to avoid air sign but if follows me like a ghost
betrayed 2015-08-13 07:40:19
My case is a bit different and to be quite honest with you all, taught me a very useful lesson. There is NO divorce but a desire to put a distance between us, such as two family houses etc. This could have happened naturally. I did not need be insulted and hurt in the way he did. I have supported his profession, his projects physically and financally all my life. Now the money is gone and the BIG money he is dreaming of is not forthcoming fast enough to realise his dreams. He wants to pay me back by providing a golden cage for me because he feels guilty. Whereas I am a Taurean who only wants to lean on a partner in our old age. I have been an expert in giving all my life but never learned how to take. His health is deteriorating and is dependent on me. At the moment, he has no choice but to stay with me and we are leading a "normal" family life. I have been to hell but now I am back !!! In the future, I will not spend a penny of my own family's wealth to provide for his dreams but only spend it for our daughter and myself in a way I think is right. This was the lesson I had to learn and could not come at a better time. Thank you Saturn for putting me through several exams all at once. I will survive. Let astrology encourage Librans to break free from their outdated past and start a brand new, happy life !!! I am not an old piece of furniture which deserves to be replaced just because a Libran feels that way. I will report here again with the newest developments. Good luck to all the Taureans. Those of you who are believers, please pray. God has a mysterious way of granting or not granting wishes.
cathy 2015-04-07 23:20:07
U were right on about religion and the holy grail. Been studying it for months. Had no idea u knew. Questioned something Catholic Church Bishop had said. Had to find out for self and seperate truth from lies. Truth u know what your dealing with. Lies u never do.
king 2015-02-17 02:03:00
maybe those dates that doesn't mentioned above will have all the predictions of taurus.
Sha 2015-01-01 09:45:49
what the 23 April is,nt a Tarus ???????
Maggs 2014-12-26 18:59:02
How about those born on the 14th, don't we also exist to you?? 🙁
dakota 2014-11-04 01:25:13
Justice, lover, lover, justice
L 2014-09-27 12:33:59
How about those born on the 18th ? We don't exist to you?
clueless 2015-03-16 08:05:48
Now that's a good one
Am born on 18th
Since end of 2012 things have got worse . 2913 was horrible in the bogging . 2014 was kinda ok . 2015 I am scared now .
April 5th for the past 2 years has been really bad for me . Is it the same for you
Reply to andypea8@gmail.com
precious 2015-01-07 15:30:32
How about those born on the 18th ? We don't exist to you

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