2020 Work Horoscope for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

2020 Work Horoscope Capricorn

Capricorn Work Horoscope 2020 for the year of the White Metal Rat

It's a very good thing that you're a pragmatist, Capricorn. This coming 2020 year makes that very clear.

Dear Capricorn, you may not even realize how much your pragmatism seeps into other areas of your life. You may think you're a mess, always behind the eight ball and playing catch up. But the fact is, you've got it more together than you think, even when order feels out of your grasp. 2020 is the year for you to embrace this quality in you and see how it can help you on the job front. It's a good year for your career.

The beginning of the year is not the time to make any big, sweeping plans for change. Don't worry: you're not going to be stuck in a dead-end position forever. But as said earlier, you're a pragmatist. That means before any big change happens, you need to make a careful cost-benefit analysis of what you want and want you plan to do. Change, in this case, could mean anything? Are you looking for a new job? A new position where you are? Just want to move to some different work? Want to change the posters in your cubicle? The thing you have to ask yourself is: what do I hope to get out of this? Jupiter is looming large in your life and that's the question he's going to be asking you every step of the way. There's going to be you doing a lot of this starting in January and continuing until the middle of the year. This is a very good thing. As we said: it's a very good year for your career. You have Jupiter in your corner as a sounding board for all of these questions. Use him almost like a magic eight ball whenever the idea of change comes up.

Start January 2020 by making a list of what your dream job would entail. This could involve anything. Don't worry about practicality at this point. You're making the ultimate career wish list. Keep this list with you throughout the whole year. You're going to be comparing your experiences to it on a regular basis. The second half of January should be spent comparing your current job situation with that list. How does it measure up? You might find a few things do and a lot of things don't. This is the time to get picky. If the vast majority of things can't be checked off, start making that plan to leave.

February and March 2020 are your prime job hunting times, Capricorn. You'll need to keep your eyes open for opportunities, especially where you'd least expect to find them. Of course, you should do a job search through the conventional channels; don't ever stop that. But you're also going to want to spend a lot of this time going to social functions and talking to people, or contacting old friends, or just contacting businesses that seem cool. These activities won't feel like job searching (and you probably shouldn't think of them that way), but they'll all be ways you're putting your feelers out and gathering information.

This process is going to carry you through the whole year. June 2020 is the peak time for gathering all of your data about both jobs that exist and jobs you'd love to have. Think of it as the time you're giving your presentation to yourself on what you've learned. And for the rest of the 2020 year? You're going to search for that dream job, even if you've found something close to it already. You may even discover that you're going to have to create that job for yourself.

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