2020 Love Horoscope for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

2020 Love Horoscope Capricorn

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2020 for the year of the White Metal RAT

Venus is guiding you strongly in matters of love in the 2020 year of the Rat and this heavenly goddess of Love is going to send you all sorts of signs.

Capricorn 2020 Horoscope in the Love Sphere

Whether you're married, single, looking or not looking for love in early 2020, you need to keep all your senses open. This doesn't mean the love you seek is right in front of your face, but it might very well be, albeit hidden. You're going to play it a little closer to the chest in 2020. This doesn't mean you don't care or that you need to be cold, but you're going to let Venus do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Love can take many forms and you'll find that out loud and clear right at the beginning of 2020. You're going to be drawing a lot of attention from someone starting at the beginning of January. This doesn't necessarily mean someone has a crush on you (but it could). This could be someone admiring the work you do, or wanting to help out your cause, or just someone who enjoys being in your glow. Whatever form it takes, accept it. It's harmless and benevolent, and as long as it doesn't interfere with any existing relationships you have, it'll be fine. Believe what that person says about you and take it to heart. Specifically, believe that you are worthy of that attention and praise.

Spring 2020 is when you'll want to focus on the love of your family. "Family" can take on many forms. If you're expecting this from your biological family, so be it, and accept it with open arms. Maybe they want to praise you in a way they haven't before. Note they may also ask you for help. This is another form of love that easy to ignore. Remember: we only ask for help from those we respect and look up to. If it's in this form, do what you can for them and be the person they think you are. If this family takes some other form (like a group of friends you go to for support), they may be a little reticent to ask you for what they need. Be proactive with them and ask: what can you do for them? It may take a little extra prodding but trust their answers. Again, help them out in any way you can and be the great person they think you are. Don't take their silence as a lack of respect. A more likely answer is that they don't want to bother you.

The late summer is going to be an interesting time of the 2020 year for love and you because it's going to come from an unexpected source. You might get word from a long lost relative or friend (or flame) out of nowhere, trying to reconnect. As to whether or not you should, for that, you have to listen to your mind. Does this person bring positive thoughts to you? Or do you remember them being a drain? If this is a positive force (and again, they wouldn't interfere with your current relationships), by all means, let them in and reconnect. If this person registers as a bad force, let them in with a purpose. You are going to help them out in any way you can that doesn't deplete you. What does this mean? They may be in trouble or otherwise concerned. Hear them out, offer what you can, and then send them on their way. You know best what your bandwidth with people is.

By the end of the 2020 year of the Rat, you should be a little more savvy about how people see you. You won't know everything about what people are thinking, but maybe you're trusting that the people around you really do have your best interests at heart. Embrace that and enjoy that knowledge. Hopefully, that will make you even more generous with your loved ones.

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